Search engine optimizes 8 fatal errors

Core clew: The article will discuss the deadly and wrong way that a few SEO optimize. Although be the topic of commonplace more very among them, but regard SEO as crucial essential factor, special be necessary to repeat emphasize.

1, do a website with FLASH

Attention, do with FLASH website and make FLASH website concept different, former emphasize using FLASH technology measure to make a station. Although Adobe company has passed technical measure to make at present,Flash can be mixed by Google the except of Yahoo(Microsoft) engine spider is creeping, flash makes a station still is bad choice. The malpractice that FLASH stands basically has, because you cannot all alone to search engine is offerred enough much text content, you must not be absent link this respect to be thrown morely, the investment that additionally FLASH makes the investment of itself and SEO optimize a respect also should compare the station more of other type. If you are necessary to make rich distinctive FLASH stand really, had better use embedded the webpage style of FLASH video and CSS.

2, do not use Tags

Do not use Title interest this you discarded a strong SEO element. Use webpage keyword serves as Tags, this is one of good pattern that your webpage shows to search engine, namely link of gray of so called SEO, so, spread out an imagination, the effect that produces Tags adequately. If welcome to the TAGS of the station,another mistake is use form.

3, the repetition of Tags flush sex is used

4, the keyword was not used in catenary and navigation inside

Inside the weight of catenary and outside the weight of catenary differs very few. Well-known, high grade outside the PR value that catenary can affect your website directly, the home page that brings about you also has higher PR cost, this is the basic mechanism that PR value delivers, in transferring a process, the PR value that your station gets can compare value of former station PR to want commonly a few lower, namely PR is worth degressive phenomenon, so stationmaster need acquires link ceaselessly more high grade outside catenary. Manage together, the home page inside the station and cent also are put in PR to be worth delivered phenomenon between the page, it is same that its PR transfers pattern, just do not have station and station between apparent in that way just. Use numerous keyword, the page catenary that makes cost of the PR inside the station higher is received other inside page, this kind of practice obtains rich keyword with you what tall PR is worth is high grade outside catenary is distinguished without what substantially. Here emphasizes, to fill cent produces the powerful effect of the link, want to ensure navigation link contains rich keyword, describe conform to with the website. To it photograph echo, disperse these keywords in the content inside the station appropriately, the attention is proper, SEO is not to encourage cogged, do not want for SEO SEO, above these are to establish the practice over the base that there is rich content in the website, be just the opposite to what one wished otherwise.

5, adventuresome SEO company

Rich adventure spirit perhaps is meant efficient. Efficient SEO company buys a link, meaning the SEO engine expert with good much is black hat. Can you escape this risk? A lot of efficient SEO companies often use cogged black hat means to provide a service for the client, pay is quite high perhaps, but the venture is similar very tremendous. alleged play with fire *** , you should be clear about you to provide the SEO company that optimizes a service whether the cogged method that rearward uses black hat, in the choice SEO optimizes the sharpen one’s eyes when the company.

6, keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases

Keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases sets many keyword goal on a page namely is to obtain taller PR to be worth. This is without a meaning, with current technical condition, search engine judges you very easily to whether be keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases, and user also go up to interference of overmuch keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases is read and abandon because of the page.

7, rubbish comments on a link

A kind of when rubbish comments on familiar pattern is to use automatic top to stick machine the link that lists next many him stationmaster in commenting on a column attempts to obtain more outside catenary. Google notices this is nodded already, they can not link exorbitant weight to this kind.

Link of comment of additionally one kind of rubbish is to use form if I have similar implied meaning, the link that lands please attempts to obtain discharge and outside catenary. Communicate to convenient discussion and rich guest comment is set, from long-term in light of, do not want eager for quick success and instant benefit.

8, JavaScript link

Search engine crawls JavaScript is linked not easily, although Google is OK implementation JS is creeping, so, using traditional link form is optimal choice.