Search, engine, optimize, sale (dot think)

People can search 1. thing, this is a search

2. the ability of people is limited, made the engine that automation works

People discovers 3. the engine work not very of automation relies on chart, all keywords that optimize oneself

A few people of 4. discovered the method that can cheat engine, so engine should be turned over cogged

5. engine discovered a lot of people come over to search, will order contest price ad so

6. sale expert discovers people likes to search the thing of heat, discovered eyeball economy

Talk 1, search the search of type

At first people just goes to the lavatory for his, but successors discover this tool everybody is convenient, seek a data honest too convenient; Then people discovered the relation between person and person is absorbing again, then 6 degrees came, appeared Sns, community is waited a moment. People from want to figure out oneself are a what thing, others, its content is a what thing, to want to figure out you are a what thing, I like, do not like, the relation with you how. Everything all, no more than is a person, this seek knowledge immanently be about to wear in drive we are ongoing. Below the friend’s commendation, watched the video of the science and technology of 21 centuries and human nature, which professor I also forgot, it seems that the line from time to time of that search is clear, from time to time is confused, in the final analysis, it is the person can be not defined. So, the value that the user analyses besides tell you to have how many person living, existence, it is besides dry what, their social class, fasten worthless. What we should do is not to do user analysis, however user behavior analysis. With its person where seeing grows what kind ofly, handsome, be inferior to listening to him to propose moment said what word. Paying close attention to him with its is a what thing, how does he learn as attention, how to learn, how to use.

The word outside the problem, present UE engineers like to find fault, tell the truth, what you search is Bug probably, look for one pile, and the use person of which person and this product has talked, to persuade others, take oneself when the user. Undeniable, yourself also is an user, but that is nevertheless experience first, eliminating you is wrong. So, I prefer that title of white crow Olympic Games, ran bank, when the seeking a bank MM like bubble girl, it is clear to make service circuit of the family make service circuit of the family finally. Say this word I am not to look for K, look for Bug to let engineers go Fix is dropped, can find greater product value, have right to speak more than finding Bug.

Talk 2. The engine of automation

Digging a grave all the time recently, mining searchs the note of engine ace, data, although look to understand not quite, but still be some are experienced. The problem that the engine of automation solves has 4, the indication of the memory of the index of the capture of automation, automation, automation, automation.
The capture of automation, locate to Tag from TagBalance, this is technical work, but the control that what do more hard is memory, CPU, discover finally, calculate 10 thousand my machine, probably I also cannot catch a few data.
The index of automation, full text index, sounding is not very difficult, see dazed.
The memory of automation, the data that allegedly big search engine per sec. stores is 1TB, what concept. Probably a month does not put my house to fall, so much hard disk.
The indication of automation, this everybody understands some morer, after all rank, Pagerank appears beside every day. But the core that discovers Filter just is search rank finally, page Rank is a paediatrics nevertheless, a the highroad, but how does Filter give valuable data, too difficult.

Talk 3. Ego is optimized

When people discovers input blue sky and wanted result are different, people can leave or can continue what to input, it is the blue sky that inputs Tibet, be still blue sky toothpaste? Only he himself knows, search engine, you can accord the clew with how old people. It is the clew that inputs casing, one-stop still search, yahoo resembles doing not have the fly of the head, this also is done, which also do.

Tell them how to should be done with its, be inferior to guiding them how to be done. Perhaps Google and Yahoo discovered people won’t input wrong thing ahead of schedule, they are very self-confident, so they hint what the user should do.
But, other search engine, whether should be a search gain ground do a few works, actually clew is not very good means, contrary, the search is not the thing with profound what, every user can be met. Say netizen mental retardation of China, need this kind of reminder?

People can say again, chinese is much more complex than English, want hint so, look according to me, do not take a language for thing, chinese calculates a few more complex, but the person that uses Chinese won’t feel, it is to develop him person of these clew to do not have a Chinese to learn from good examples instead.

Talk 4. Turn over cogged

Understood regulation when people, trying to break this kind of regulation. Because break regulation,be the step with the fastest primitive accumulation, they are so direct search engine with respect to the rape. Up to now this kind of case is seen everywhere, so that you use normal sale means,be indexed possibly prop up manslaughter by search.

Lie when us in a volatile information world, of all search engine optimize what be considered as blackness possibly, have undesirable objective. This also can understand why people so looked, but all sale are short of be considered as lawful, although the step is possible some are black, bear bad name. But people won’t say this is cogged, its distinction is your production incident, and Spam leaves those dare the hand of the person of interest, pen, mouth goes making. Searching engine to optimize is technical work, but search engine sale is mental work, can you transfer to this respect?

Talk 5. Contest price advertisement

The method that engine ego fends, do not say, do not say, I do not say.

Talk 6. Eyeball economy

Everybody looks less, but often do not look over, we are in an information to violate the world of eyeball, unless you become forever,we are soil, often passive content people walk, but must a long grass, feed the soil of this group of beast. What must you make so, point of sales what, will get your audience, will use you can the information of prize goes violating the world that was full of eyeball everywhere. Of course yourself also is acting as everyday by mover.