Search engine is updated not in time or be fallen to counterpoise to be sealed how to handle

Be sealed by Baidu and Google at the same time, if your modification result let Google approbate, criterion Baidu also can collect. The attention sees a daily record. A lot of people distinguish Baidu, Gu Ge look upon, how how, that state of mind is already actually wrong, more what to talk about to do good SEO/ website to optimize seriously / what popularize.

Any platform must abide by any websites at 5 o’clock

1, the rich original implied meaning that achieve a gender (blood)

2, user experience; sees this whether is the page accepted by a lot of person that browse and be commented on for example.

3, powerful outside catenary and long end keyword. Natural commutative link is very important also.

4, the domain name registers time to grow, weight is tall, old brand stands.

5, the normative sex of caption and website code.

Present a few elements had lost effect add for example thick etc.

How be is search engine updated not in time or fallen to counterpoise to be handled by K?

1, the state of mind that balance and adjusts oneself.

2, search early days blemish, mistake to be corrected (the key is Meta of Code page head a kind, the issue of annotate of station Alt attribute with substantial picture, inside catenary changes an input to output normal circumstance, content to achieve) of gender, rich sex formerly each other.

3, wait to occupy an analysis into linage to oneself website keyword description (Baidu index / Google trend) have new fixed position, sort.

4, make a website target and executive plan

5, achieve formerly everyday / the website that bogus achieves content to update you formerly

6, the website is aimed at search engine / get numerous experience friendly sex undertakes a structure optimize adjust

7, new and detailed, contented adjust Sitemap. The layout of static page

8, amend after finishing instantly compose flexible language is released go out

9, increase suddenly inside short time of avoid by all means overmuch outside catenary, next the one way that left to do not have activity again

Engine of 11 all alone letting search likes your groovy method

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