Search engine is optimized (SEO) 8 big errors

As the development of Internet, the information that shows exponential level growth is full of ceaselessly come in, the bubble that whole Internet world resembled adding hormone extremely fast expand. And search engine is become move back and forth at among them fiber, in extend together with Internet while, firmly hitched each information radical yuan. Accordingly someone says, the Internet nowadays entered search period. The enterprise wants to show itself from inside the information ocean of vast, get the client’s attention, did not search the help of engine, resembled be being covered the mouth.

Those who rejoice is, a lot of enterprises had realised search engine is optimized (SEO) important, the SEO project of the mainstream also begins to appear. But author discovery, a lot of companies that have searching engine optimizing, often get in executive process the fetter of a few errors. The article hopes to pass the error to these comb, encourage with the colleague. With period shorten SEO project executes time, promotion carries out the effect, serve the promotion that stands at intranet finally.

Error one: Without clear project purpose

The effect that the effect of SEO is whole sale strategy is reflected, if pure research SEO, can make search engine to optimize the job to there is bigger optional sex in executive process. Accordingly, in initial stage SEO ought to join with whole sale strategy.

SEO is a kind of method only, be one additional politic, its purpose is decided according to the final result of sale. Plant in the light of some for instance of the product roll out, its sale core is to enlarge product sale quickly likely, front row of occupational and congener market, establish brand image. So the purpose of SEO is key word of core of occupational search engine word front row, webpage of divisional and congener product, strengthen a webpage to reveal rate. Had clear purpose, with respect to the strategy that can formulate SEO project correctly to carry out and method.

Error 2: Measure SEO effect with onefold rank

Although a few keywords are ranked,mean discharge to a website, but one ranks tall keyword and do not bring bigger profit for whole sale certainly, more do not talk to go up the brand benefit of many order for goods and expectation. The executant of alleged SEO project should realise the key of sale above all, undertake to its whole considers.

For example, the webpage shows efficiency (the content that shows in place of webpage of the target in specific search result) , client changeover is led (the user is in after coming through searching engine, change into effective client after all) etc, SEO is accomplished more should compare more finally spell detail, here we can consult plan of table of size of choice of key word word, webpage, article, log is analysed of course, final discharge and actual effective client just are highest index.

Error 3: Select onefold search engine

Common saying says turnip green vegetables loves somewhat each, no matter be SEO practitioner or average user, no matter be enterprise CEO,still also be IT white-collar, everybody has distinct preference to different search engine, somebody likes Google, somebody reviews idiomatic Baidu but to SEO practitioner, eye criterion not so should narrow, besides the individual’s be fond of, even give attention to two or morethings is propped up to the search index of other, and more important numerous group gets in what face at the analysis, with their hobby interest chooses to search engine with use habit, the application that uses different weight respectively to this is politic. The most group that likes to use Google for instance should be the person that has background of knowledge of certain arrangement of ideas, be aimed at them to should use the search that fits its crowd feature to optimize strategy.

Additional, still need to notice, if the cause client of the enterprise is in abroad, google is best choice, and Baidu gets numerous group more incline to stands at ordinary common people and individual stationmaster, because this Baidu suits the content such as promotion recreation, forum more. If the enterprise has, be aimed at the cause client of Japan and Taiwan area, the Yahoo search of old brand is the position that we cannot abandon absolutely. Besides, also cannot ignore the search dog that discharge is rising, MSN of course

We say the long end effect in SEO commonly, it is the long end in pointing to key word word, another also is to say to think integratedly the discharge that place of other search engine brings. The end that such doing also is to make a plan for a long time, though search crowd is increasing ceaselessly, but the competition below search engine market is more intense also, onefold search engine can’t prop up a whole sky for a website.

Error 4: Forget everything, have a rank only

This is the mistake that makes more easily. Went on the rank it seems that, everything had. Far from is actually such. Just think, when potential client stands through searching behavior, discover this website standard that make is very wrong however, cannot read at all even, the person that still do not stay to browse, commercial opportunity also is met for nothing prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. And the real value that cannot realize SEO.

The folk inside SEO course of study organizes bit of stone to interacted to explain the definition of SEO so: SEO need is carried out considering its the user experience of the website, on the principle foundation of outstanding core competition ability, comply with searchs engine regulation, rely on the technology of place control and method, it is a client thoroughly to choose right strategy to try to carry out, create the value, user to search engine to bring best search for the client from which result, bring economic profit for SEO itself. Consequently, when executive SEO, the rank is a kind of idea only, what can bring value for enterprise and SEO truly still is the experience of the user.

Error 5: SEO relies on a method, do not rely on acknowledge

Controller of a lot of companies always feels to search engine to optimize the job very magical, think undertook optimizing, website construction can abandon, pass all sorts of methods and strategy to be able to promote a rank anyway, expend effort more why again. However, SEO place relies on it is a method not just absolutely.

Of SEO project carry out, early should have considered when beginning planning website: The content of program website, follow the search principle that searchs engine, politic to diplomacy interacting between language of character of website structure, webpage and site etc undertake sound program deploy, the search that searching engine in order to improve a website is behaved, increase a client to discover then and visit the possibility of the website.

Searching engine to optimize is manner of a kind of performance only, the strategy that its need to have whole rear will hold. Need undertakes thorough analysis to the competitor, make the individuation that is aimed at a competitor search strategy, ability chooses appropriate key word phrase to close, certain type, flexible language, form the operation method of SEO. .

Error 6: Forbid to analyse a keyword truly

When executive SEO project, ought to communicate in time with company controller, understand their demand, product and service. On this foundation, choose tool of a few keywords, him help is obtained have value and maneuverability word group most.

Those who need a specification is, the choice of key word word, depend on the initiative behavior of the user, must be united in wedlock with market phase. For example, the product name that a lot of companies give him does SEO all the time, can ignore the demand of searcher itself, the incongruous brings satisfactory discharge hard. Accordingly, undertake necessary key word word is analysed, the search behavior ability of the joint user of utmost improves SEO result truly.

Error 7: To link and be linked

Want to know, the link is an indispensable link when SEO project is carried out, a lot of SEO projects are linked for the link when carry out, one calculates, there is what dependency between the link. This certainly will reduced the visit flow that comes through other site greatly. Link website of an instrument appearance to recreation to stand, nature won’t bring how many discharge.

In the meantime, the mainstream search engine such as Google, Baidu, Yahoo also has begun to be such link definition a kind of SPAM (the instrument that be ranked to obtain and issues a link everywhere) , the wrong understanding that also is this kind of for the link link rings alarm bell noisy. The author thinks, first after low PR tall PR, as a child the website arrives again to individual website medium-sized website, smooth finally excessive to portal class website, such link is worth reference orderly.

Error 8: Without good operation mode and plan forms for reporting statistics

When foreign enterprise is doing SEO, often ask executant has probably schedule and periodic forms for reporting statistics. Undertake to whole SEO flow whole journey is recorded on one hand, also assured the standard of SEO project on the other hand. Assured the executive ability of SEO project, formed mechanism of effective fast error correction and liability system. Make technological process of whole SEO item is changed, pattern plate is changed, greatly convenient the monitoring of SEO project and superintend.

However, a lot of SEO projects of domestic however often oversight this, optional sex is very big in executive process, excuse SEO is in impossibly short-term inside the plan control that get effective and loosened a project, cause a lot of SEO projects to must be in long-term laggard in die young.