Search engine is optimized [of SEO] , wrongly written or mispronounced characters is optimized

Before paragraph time, one friend sends me to look his individual website through QQ, he says to search Liuyi to be not 3 words in Baidu now, his station platoon is advanced 5, did not look carefully at that time, just open ability curiously to discover this Liu Yifei is not those Liu Yi Fei. Because he himself compares carelessness, hind classics understanding, he is to insert willow involuntarily, be not go doing this wrongly written or mispronounced characters of purpose, think that female star of personate small Long Nv calls Liu Yifei however, because this is not careful, still drew not little flow unexpectedly, person of a lot of searches perhaps is not to take care to hit a fault, perhaps write down truly yes do not remove its person He Ming, although Baidu can have such clew: Is what should you search: ? ⑾ of シ of a mythical bird like the phoenix of curb of the Song Dynasty of ascend Ku plain gauze hold  of Fu of sigh of  of mother of  of vomit of Piao Hu bell?

Case 1: Zhang Yu

Zhang Yu is fried bubbling with noisely on Internet before long before sexual video incident, the browsing amount that actor cruel net brings everyday because of this be related is counted with 1 million plan, the nature that searchs engine to search Zhang Yu also is absent a few. But as a result of hard gold this word is a rare word, do not see more in daily life really, very easy with penannular jade ring (Jue) hair rising tone is promiscuous, still have more people Zhang Yu of flat and direct search comes simply so. But although Zhang Jue’s result is not much, baidu has such clew after searching Zhang Jue however: Clew: You can search Zhang Jue in Baidu video Like searching correct word Zhang Yu.

The following enumerate search result data of 3 key word:

(correct) Zhang Yu: Baidu searchs a result4, 570, 000Piece; GOOGLE has488, 000The inquiry result that accords with Zhang Yu.

Zhang Yu: Baidu searchs a result203, 000Piece; GOOGLE has307, 000The inquiry result that accords with Zhang Yu.

Zhang Jue: Baidu searchs a result85, 400Piece; GOOGLE has43, 300The inquiry result that accords with Zhang Jue.

Case 2: Fast thunder

Fast thunder regards home as software of the biggest download, there is powerful download demand to fall in the netizen, the day search of fast thunder measures it may be said to be able to maintain magnanimity. Fast Lei Yici originates phrasal: As sudden as lightning, appearance speed is splitting, cannot avoid, with the name that makes download software again appropriate nevertheless. However, fast thunder is hit very easily into dispatch thunder, dispatch is the dispatch of information, tecent is used this dispatch word. However, on this problem, fast thunder company also noticed this is nodded apparently, no matter be in,Baidu still searchs dispatch thunder in GOOGLE, all the name that list a head, but word of a dispatch was not contained however in the source code of its website, this also explains fast thunder company is searching engine to optimize the strategy that go up.

More case if: The Yi Jianlian that was about to attend NBA choosing show 7 years on June 29 (wrongly written or mispronounced characters: Yi Jian couplet) etc, did not list one by one here, want SEOER only actually people intention observation, attentive discovery, have the opportunity that the wrongly written or mispronounced characters of a lot of popular keywords optimizes. Chinese culture is broad and profound, language character is the world more go up to be mixed the hardest the most complex language written language. The netizen’s administrative levels uneven, hit the circumstance unavoidable of wrongly written or mispronounced characters. However, wrongly written or mispronounced characters is not lineal after all. Although it also is another kind of long end: )

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