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On March 17, 2006, chris Sherman of executive chief editor of search engine observation is searching engine strategy express on congress, a lot of people get webpage design special flowery, flatter oneself has innovation sex very much, forgot to search engine to cannot identify the multimedia document such as the picture however, webpage design should fall in the circumstance of outstanding terminus, had jumped over simplier.

Chris Sherman reminds webpage architect, if can let search engine to have a good identifying, must not use the too much content that is not text file.

Chris Sherman introduced to all alone in search place of engine forward position happens a few we are main now the purpose is put in a few domains, the market that cross a state, genteel perhaps to the high level this one, the key discussed search engine strategy. The needle coped with cost and natural rank to make more detailed elaborating.

See free rank above all, infiltrate when you keyword when, the likelihood alls alone in different search engine provides different service, but it is the service that global search provides, the keyword is listed inside left column come, they can be affected by other factors, by the search engine is decided, what thing is most the most important before leaning, still have something, it is a kind of organic rank, no matter how the name changes if, it is PR, the rank of public concern, if your public relations is done weller, OK and preferential sort. This is I need the introduction that can want to do, search engine to optimize the task of the respect namely, if open a webpage, you can see the webpage of two descriptions, this webpage is taking entire content completely, but you must want to limit what content will deepness spreads out, what is to hit snapshot of a webpage, I believe all search engine are to think your content is more simple transfer a client, the content that searchs engine should undertake classified to its content, still have a few you do not have a law to accomplish, you must want to become a lot of effort and careful consideration.

Will look to pay the search of cost engine again, this is the element with important another, this has different name together, pay cost the rank e.g. what a few make the rank paying fee of the sponsor or advertisement trade, e.g. some moment, the netizen is browsed when clicking, the name is not important and crucial the question is final be buying what kind of ad is the most important, unlike undertakes index props up content editing the search that change, the search engine list that pays fee has sort completely according to preferential sex, his advantage is, you can have preferential sort according to the list of the sponsor, can find the market after all where to be next, want to pay how many cash to the word of preferential sort.

E.g. a short message, the short message will tell, the likelihood tells light to offer a short message to come to whole market insufficient, you control information after all to be put in which even the place is more proper. Resemble the rank of PR, all ranks are free, the series of preferential and automatic sort of the network that we weigh, this adornment can make content resembles a catalog, make an user OK find his content, after they find content, next you should try to affect what this user allows internally to think, they are to the understanding of your content what kind of, be told like some people in public relations, their job affects public opinion to affect people desire to buy to look namely, say the work that does now is so, the company that can be oneself does a few PR, perhaps be done through company of a few PR, but must want form of in the right way, you must want to ensure information, the information that the website provides is very powerful message, this also is the information of the product of your company and service, and the website won’t be mixed to your product the service has wrong understanding, the company that such word PR place becomes may produce negative effect to the brand of your company. No matter still arrive from in the past now, you must want to know the advantage that has preferential sort to the website, we just are ranked but did not assure, pay e.g. you expended me to be able to put you advanced 10, but the product that who the user buys we are unwarrantable, do not have any company actually.

In free this is told together, through PR you can go up information, but collecting fees this, do not have a law to assure to put you in foremost face. If say you divide measure to pull everyone gradually to the website, that searchs engine actually can you more incorporate, otherwise if, you are met by gradually eliminate goes out. Search engine from come up at all tell, the information that can want them undertakes permutation, make the user undertakes discriminating to information, people has some of moment to ask ceaselessly, where is if say to be able to achieve forefront in Google,his secret, where is the work that you do, I feel to have a few really magic, people to the company that finds you, this is our ability place, it is the working place that we become, search engine will find this information automatically, and you can be benefited from inside this information, say to rely on this kind of information not completely so, this is how old to be being done not have for you good, the work that you need is natural rank and the rank that pay fee. PR company will tell you to must want to pass relevant information, how do you pass this kind of information, create this webpage, provide the content of high-end website to the client at the same time.

Be being told simply is such, above all what is you should have 10 key word after all, and how can these key word sum up the thing that you want to do after all, everybody knows we may need 1000 or 10 thousand keywords, if say you have so much money and time to be able to get so much key word, but actual condition is not such, have a lot of companies especially small company, they have more than 1000 key word impossibly, they basically are, the likelihood puts the emphasis 10 or on a few key word, these can make everybody be clear at a glance, but the problem that this has a resource, these key word are not pure it is to point to a word, use two words e.g. you, for instance shoe or running shoes is waited a moment, the description the shoe is actually a bit more detailed, can increase dependency, no matter such everybody nod which word to be able to link relevant website and platoon go among the watch, everybody wants put heads together so as to get better result, what considering well is the most commonly used word, everybody should do a few research, get key word again next, it is OK to do not feel to do these things do these things to the net, everybody can think how key word should be done, you do not do the research of key word truly, so you go up in the list that pays fee truly, be afraid you are final the value that money spends cannot be developed adequately. I think additionally also is very important, produce the effect of your content adequately, everybody can try so, you and search engine understand more a few, can have a look further after understanding, inside search engine he is being included after all list in which likely not in, the row of which fractionize is fastened in contain what content, everybody is beginning to do company website, or you are wanting to do when paying fee, the likelihood feels even if came out key word lane to be over, actual not pure be such, because some search engine to still may have a few picture, still have a few other content, if say to have these content really, if you do not understand these to search the person that engine is offerred well truly, they are the words that offer what kind of service and content after all, you are using the possibility truly when searching engine, the likelihood can appear a few problems. For instance some searches engine can be in only certain category can offer text document only, a few can provide a picture, everybody always hopes the website oneself undertakes classify according to diverse list, should let him hang search to all alone go inside engine, this is a first-rate practice.

But if if say you follow all your content,search engine is hanged, these your content are too much finally, your different content, the place that searching engine place list is not easy, such you should hang a search it is very difficult to go inside engine. Did everybody think of now, there is on billions of in the website the hundreds website of 100 million, everybody wants to hang the thing to search to all alone go inside engine, have millions plan website and the search category that still has a lot of, index is waited a moment, how to solve these problems, the a bitth, you do not care, everybody was over with respect to competition.

The 2nd that is to say, if you can look for these content of yourself as far as possible a general big range, can make other people potential when search so you this content extraction comes out, did Zhou Shaoning a moment ago tell a concept to call TEL? Those you can produce a few content a few more in detail as far as possible, delimit the limits that searchs engine smallier, you can increase a few authority unused word, actually the word of 20% authority often is used, but I want to want as far as possible multi-purpose these words, but do not have blind faith in these words of 20% , still have 80% , those words are not quite commonly used, the likelihood used them to be able to get the result that your expect is less than finally.

Still having a bit is Crawlers, how does he produce effect after all, these are not the things that search engine limits, but these things, he is the effect that can produce him, tell to everybody a bit, must pay close attention to a link, if your website does not have the word of more links, did not use at all, do not go up with respect to catenary at all with Crawlers. If we discuss today, be inscribed even if negotiate a few links, crawlers can produce effect through the link, if once found yourself website,say Crawlers, no matter be text file or the webpage that say you,wait a moment, can make so your website, can let everybody see. Actual the thing that the website does now passes Crawlers is not real time completely, the person that may be billion of know exactly about sth everyday about a hundred of 100 million click a search, so complete real time if, the network can appear a big question, everybody did not have a law to do, not be real time completely, what search engine should do now is a word rivet later, index his search the thing inside the catalog that props up him comes out to you, these things are not true you the thing that each websites link purely, if be this kind of technology and this kind of practice, when can making we are searched very fast.

I say again now about preferential sort this problem, this problem is the issue that limits very hard really, I a moment ago respecting a bit, it is content it is very crucial, like searching engine to follow computer, search engine really the program inside is relatively complex, when study with us and reading newspaper about the same, search index propped up him to also use the means of intelligence of a kind of machine, he also used a kind to be called " style is unscrambled " method, pass context " style is unscrambled " the search comes out, next again sort we can see these content through browsing its. I talk about these content again a little while.

Still have a bit besides, how do you design you to put the related to these content specific issue on the network, still have relevant so called list, because be on a problem, according to pertinent question can have very a lot of more link, search engine that is to say when he is being searched, his covering a range is very wide, shen Zhi wants when involving these issues so careful, not enclothe a face to involve too big, also do not ignore certain content, the action that searchs engine provides a such functions to everybody namely, raise a such requirements, e.g. you this content is put to the net, after all how much is his effectiveness for a given period of time, for instance a restaurant puts the thing on the website before him, but he had closed now, when so we are designing content, should involve concerned thing reach the designated position, the content that can make search engine to need you as far as possible so is put.

A bit more additional, in the any city on the world, for instance you want to search a place, for instance this is a more harmonious community, have a few additional content, you can have specific aim quite between the process of the search, change and of character, when you are designing a community, also should prop up right search kind considering search index, how does application refer Crawlers content, if say, you should have the word of a lot of links really, you need not spend a lot of time on Crawlers. For instance yourself with respect to the distributinging graph your network, it is OK to have still a few webpages are put, had had very much link because of you, pass those already some links, people can understand your webpage very easily. I say this do not say to be able to make your rank, can be being searched platoon in the process arrives in front, but the website that I think to everybody can understand you for certain, of course you also can do a few webpages more, the possibility that is linked can raise after doing a few webpages more. Not be to say advocate the cent webpage below the webpage, either all these webpages refer Crawlers, likelihood you are gone to not quite easily between the process that is searched by the search.

A bit what I still return a key now, about the problem of content, when everybody thinks for instance we are reading something, how should be we read, search indexes propping up them is how to be searched, they are undertake the second webpage among yourself webpage searching, did everybody think you among the webpage which is the most crucial? When so everybody should notice to write each webpage in you, the thing with the most crucial webpage wants to highlight, want to make they are alled alone by search engine is read very easily, when you are doing a few key word to perhaps produce content really, the likelihood is in certain second webpage or advocate the key word inside the webpage below the webpage was done not have, all alone engine does not hang such search to this webpage. You did not say running shoes possibly inside that webpage that word, just use another word, engine of so possible search you this webpage is not hanged, your content go up not to go, the key word that everybody must notice to you are done is hanged more on the webpage as far as possible, the website that passes pron yourselves also can be searched, you can knock a key word, the key word that any user can make, if give the word that does not come,be in in yourself’s website, in the search engine can appear your key word, can be relevant thing hanged up, this is impossible also. Everybody notices your picture, the file that I a moment ago said search index to prop up those pictures he is impossible to hang a website to go up, so this must notice everybody. Like searching engine to follow the blind that is to say, he loses sight of these things, it must have text file, unless those are extremely special a few search engine, he may have a few pictures to be hanged up, but the thing of your product is not to hang those who go up.

I think now about the patch this problem, must notice when design, text file must be designed as far as possible sufficient, if say text file cannot be done,get very good word, you spend money to employ a person to also want to be written well namely, let everybody understand as far as possible, do not do professionally very strong, also do not want nit-pick on words, want everybody to be able to understand only, it is OK to have very strong description sex. Another dot makes your HTML makes everybody can understand, do not do the thing of a few flowery, do not design everybody very cramped thing, I emphasize again a bit. Have again, yourself wants be considerate ground to want, when you are undertaking text file is searched, what is your most commonly used thing, do not do the thing of multimedia so, these things must can describe with the character, resemble what a moment ago we tell " running shoes " , you should add 3 got-up words possibly or 4, these got-up words can hang up search engine, this is me tell on the other hand, want to have creativity as far as possible, but creativity is not creation those are multifarious, be not the thing of text, when everybody wants to do patch sex thing when design, can fill the thing that leaks likely as far as possible on, when such others are using search engine, you these content came out with respect to all.

This is Title Tag, everybody can be told, this may be a kind of secret weapon, title Tag indexes in search propping up him also is very special and important, the title that he resembles a book is same, searching what he understands engine above all that is to say is most the content of chunk, title Tag is first-rate, can be numerated. I think the meaning that is to say that tell, when you are designing concerned content, the name e.g. company name and product these things, these are very important, but the Title Tag that I say he must be unique, want to achieve unique characteristic only, he just can have first-rate effect.

We say " running shoes " , resemble be able to bear or endure for instance the running shoes of the gram, you can regard a Title Tag as it, be able to bear or endure the stuff that digests running shoes can use this kind of means, everybody can be interested very much, everybody sees he can search this thing came in.

Such people can put through the news that watchs you to go up in the webpage, the examination questions is very actually significant, the title is the description to the webpage, can persuade others, let others click go in look there is what news on this webpage. The Title Tag name of the website is very important, if be told in whole webpage, everybody may not realize some moment this a little bit, search engine has one page only, meta Tags, tell a website news namely, can helping search all alone engine or someone else understand this website so is about which respect, saying Yahoo so also is so go doing, basically be told in search industry is one starts level, search engine does not have Meta Tags, we do not have a law to do a lot of businesses. Still having is descriptive label on one hand additionally, this also is very important, the end that sees you wheres, the descriptive label of raw data tells you the website is about which respect, what is valuable, some searches engine regards search target as raw data, put below index next. You yourself can decide, but must not misdirect he, some people read search engine may by misdirect, he sees the possibility these information check an article to be able to feel special to distress, guard a pass first key word is integrated, this is very important, and the keyword is understood briefly as far as possible, some keywords are too long be killed to there is 100 for you and do not have one benefit, still the first paragraph one is full text does a Title, and it is for the webpage, should put relevant webpage snapshot and literary works the first.

Everybody reads the description of title and raw data, include the raw data of running shoes, we showed search engine to find a few results below natural search below, include organic search, natural search, everybody can see, we can use this kind of information, when you are building a webpage, some people are searching relevant information with this kind of means, if the content that had raw data will tell, we say you can command this respect, but as us we did not assure the company.

The description that still has pair of webpages is very important also, the thing that we offer, it is the thing of a special starting point only, if say you regard the tool of an automation as to be able to solve corresponding problem him, because some moment have brief report of a few news, see brief can have corresponding activity. Will decide what webpage by the user, will decide what should be done by themselves.

If say you do not hope to search engine,to you the website undertakes indexing howing do you do now, it is a few content of raw data especially, if they say not to deliver these content, we call it " system of raw data screen " , we were not necessary to put these to the net, go searching for others, best means is, if say you buy computer TFIVE software, very important now is system of this kind of screen it is a very freewill technology, such word had this technology the index that we won’t have list to your webpage. Some searches engine may not be particularly good, the information that if a little special and sensitive or you are private,turns, do not land communal website, otherwise if the information that you can see you is very sensitive to you, but announce through searching engine at numerous. If mentioning those who search engine to optimize the strategy to tell, some people user browses Google webpage to come back to seek relevant information again, some moment this is wasteful time completely, not necessary so go doing. I am mentioned a bit, design the issue of the respect, from the search engine keyword is told may misdirect you, he not only be influence rank early or late, specific website is involved to may waste a lot of time in you, but he can search engine to produce negative effect to yours, can produce a few effects to the word of animation, webpage especially, we should avoid these problems between the process of development. When returning 20 centuries, we returned a few issues that the webpage at that time designs. If say you have a database to support your a few websites, can produce a few corresponding problems, I am said what to do even if tell everybody now, you should devote oneself to to use the information of this respect, must want special discretion.

Will see a link again is what kind important, the analysis of the link is developed by Google place, time is to was controlled 1999, and he is one tells dispute to often compete greatly engine industry in the search, the analysis that passes a link can judge corresponding text to make sure webpage snapshot is waited a moment, the link is analysed now even if adopt the public opinion of the network, undertake a few analysises to snapshot of a few networks, we can see more and more links enter relevant webpage, will tell close to your illicit sex to have the harm of a bit now, but you do not link some time others, but you are incontrollable others links you. Today or tomorrow or future, everybody can be met around today bright two days of topics look, how to use a link, buy what corresponding link to wait a moment, this is the job that will not two days discuss.

The quality that links additionally is very important, the amount is not important and occasionally crucial it is quality, you think some websites, and the website that these websites are high quality, onefold link is a very important website, if say low end, the website that includes a few inferior quality, or a few quality special second the link of the website, 1000 still are inferior to the link of the website of a high quality.

Link itself can deliver your value to other industries, he is a very useful tool, he not only help you get online and can let you someone else understanding, your work in the same placing’s potential perhaps someone else or other staff link rise, besides the link of a few high quality, so content also is very important, will tell in the content of the link, have two kinds of links, the first have the link of content respect, still have actually the link of the website, it is you after clicking a webpage, the webpage goes in your link.

ANCHOR TEXT, it is the word that you open a webpage, can link the address of your webpage, ANCHOR TEXT should use search engine to discover corresponding interconnection sex, associated sex namely. Everybody can see, you can be clicked together from this go in, get such information. Resemble left for instance this example, you can see the information of digitlization, these information content are very specific, be in especially webpage most above must want to rise its link, if say you ask others to link your webpage, you must want to find corresponding keyword, strengthen the keyword that you find afresh, put content next inside, the keyword that finds other website again has a link, can promote the development of own website so. How do you find very important webpage, have a link with these webpages next, how do you let others rise your link, I can give everybody introduction corresponding skill, but I reckon everybody can undertake searching engine platform, the simplest link way. Enter search engine to infiltrate keyword, such word webpage comes out, searching what what engine discovers currently also is the webpage of the high quality that has quality most, these webpages are told presumably from manage is best website, such you can undertake it linking with you, another reason, not only it is to search engine to be able to do such work.

People searchs engine to be able to offer corresponding sales promotion to everybody when using Internet, and must remember, in the webpage most above it is the website that people visits the most easily, they can all alone through search engine visits your webpage, enter other webpages through visitting your webpage, such coming that tell is a double sales promotion, still a few is not emulative skill to be able to help you enter a link, now is to gain ground more and more, when resembling competing with the competitor for instance, they can market a few links to the competitor, this not only it is a kind of 0 links he is a kind of collaboration, can accomplish this through a very clever way, how to accomplish this, very direct have a link to the webpage above all, if issue a request " whether you are willing to be linked with me " , next simple link rises, include oneself description and thematic statement, include you to ask them to link a homepage, undertake your homepage and their homepage linking next, if you tell him why I can bring an advantage with your link, for instance I can pass the sales promotion of content respect, promote ego, give them very good reason. Will look from the competitor also is same way, because of this moment they may have different foothold, from you for ego angle, must not say I am not willing to be linked with the family, if others utters the word that invites a link, you say I am willing very should courteously.

Still have cause of 3 so called gold, the first decides the link of the webpage through target user, get a link not actively, with those you are thought the person that dog has a link, some time are willing to market his link from the others on him website, this may be the flow of so-called diplomacy respect, but if some moment pass a link, may make terminal user is benefited, must not hesitate, the problem that is not money occasionally, it is the problem of value. Why to want a link, can let competitor and user understand you so, some moment you can become corresponding get one’s own back to the user that visits you, what what you do is the requirement that satisfies them to their additional information.

Will look to search the advertisement of engine again, I think altogether has 3 main sides, everybody knows. If your so called public concern is done badly, everybody may not use you certainly this will put an advertisement, you this company unlikely, have the problem that another is content again, if content is no good, you are not earned finally money is impossible also, if if can be you well,advertise, I think he wants a company very good if letting everybody get a link, you should want to become very good public concern, and advertisement also is indispensable.

Everybody sees another analysis again, about paying cost the content of list, jump over to money much, your platoon taller, google is a such example, but a bit the most crucial, money and sort become direct ratio, this still has a problem, on the other hand that is to say, very much person is willing to search you, the platoon that jumps over much person to search you before leaning more, everybody notices even a bit, when people searchs your website, not pure it is the homepage that wants to see you and still want to see other content, these also are mixed pay fee close together and relevant, that is to say after people was landed, still can look downward then, if I consider true beautiful fund, should be in Google He Yahu there make money, I want to purchase the sort of service over, such word, no matter who wants to search your company, he is OK and very good the concern letter that receives your company, in Chinese Baidu it is a very good search engine, of course very good also everybody also can consider other now companies.

Generalize, what we tell is undertaking the network is searched for after all is how one and the same, it is to pay cost to still do not pay fee after all, still concern additionally at problem of target-seeking of fore-and-aft business development, fore-and-aft search, this also is henceforth this also is a very main field among 5 years, I also asked concerned spokesman their point of view today, they think the business in this domain will grow henceforth the meeting is very quick, what everybody will pay close attention to more henceforth is the news that can take those. Global limits is how a circumstance, what everybody should do now is B2B, still have shop, still the domain is waited a moment, these respects can be in henceforth a certain number of year get greater progress through searching engine. Actual we are not pure now it is to pass search engine to attract of a lot of browse, the fore-and-aft development henceforth also is the method of very good be economical.

Will tell inside global limits, we can see the website that has a lot of now, and everyday we can see the search engine that has a lot of is helping people search all sorts of websites, resembling these engine of Google, Yahoo, MSN for instance inside the whole world is first-rate, but be in China is Baidu first-rate, this is the conclusion that the research that is based on me reachs, we can have a look, now have actual strength what company most, and these searches also have him each other to concern between engine, and some services are mutual jackknife, but no matter be to be inside limits of a state,I think, still be in a website for this respect, everybody can establish his link, no matter be the search engine with Google or other what, they established the relationship of a kind of agreement, he also uses MSN now the link of Yahoo is waited a moment etc. Of course some people still do not have everybody corridor MSN this engine, it is OK that I feel everybody mights as well try, he also is engine of very good a search.

Google circumstance is how! We can see this is a few circumstances of Google, that is to say Google uses this engine in a lot of people inside global limits, he should be to tend very tall platoon, still have, it is AOL Search, he covers a range in the whole world also is very wide, a lot of people are being used, if everybody thinks it is OK also to try, the moment of word result some that if say lunar AOL and Google undertake,searchs may different, because of times China accept, they put a lot of content inside Google. Still a search alls alone engine is Ask, they also have cooperative concern with Google now, and themselves also bought corresponding technology, if everybody wants to try you to be able to be used, and Ask also is developing ceaselessly now, you should see his recent business strategy, you can understand this, they had built center of research and development in China now, so everybody can try.

They also have Yahoo now the user that a lot of people are them, and they still have Yahoo other a few services, what I say is to be in China not only very good, and do first-rately in the whole world, they still call somewhat the service that pays fee, I also a moment ago said. If you want to pay fee really, your sort relies on not certain have to certainly first, you should pay the content that expends him to be able to not search you immediately certainly in other engine, but if in Yahoo he can make sure you pay fee, somebody wants a search to search you certainly there, but not certain your platoon it is very tall. Actual this service that I think to pay fee, colour following fight perhaps buys lottery ticket same, likely these content of yourself are OK after you pay fee be included to come in, but not certain and special before leaning, everybody feels this are accepted very hard. Follow this content now everybody redo a few summary, these content that I a moment ago interpreted already a lot of, everybody feels some content are reasonable, everybody may accept some things very hard, but these content are honest, if everybody has what problem, you can undertake with us industry undertakes communication communication also can following, everybody still discovered possibly now additionally a bit, must not believe this platoon completely it is only expressive way, not be certainly such. Search indexes the dependency that props up him himself is changing ceaselessly, that is to say after you paid fee, you are discharged today so tall, not certain also you still discharge so brillant day today so tall, not certain. Search engine interior also should undertake adjustment, besides dependency this one, his technology also wants to adjust, so cannot pure superstition you spent money to discharge before must leaning. 5 years fore-and-aft business will grow henceforth also is very crucial, we still have two other spokesman, we hurry to change the notebook computer of myself with him, next others retell.