Search engine does not collect the common cause of website page

1, does the webpage use frame: ? Does Gong Ju closely question which a surname comes together ǔ ト of widow of  of Tao of castrate of spay of 2 brightness call on > Mu paragraph е  Song?

2, the picture is too much, text version is too little.

3, refer a page to change another website to: ? Does left-eyed flounder of Sun of  of  of  of over sixty years of age of Gorgon euryale of provide for of Chan of  of Tao of castrate of spay take the advantage of Jin?

4, refer too too frequent: ? Post perch walks on second above of? of straightforward advice Jiao, engine of a lot of searches is overcome, think you are referring rubbish.

5, is website keyword density too big: ? ⒚ of Li of  of Tao of castrate of spay of prize of neon of suddenly course of study calls out dainty to cast kowtow take Hua Hong of  of Xu of  of Du benevolence Qiang to hold?00 3-4 is contained in the description of the word the keyword is optimal.

6, does text color follow setting shade same: ? Does Ai of  of Tao of castrate of spay hold  of  of Xie of situation of  of Piao of dumb Yu of  to joke tending or guard a gate?

7, dynamic webpage: ?  lens the low Lin that withdraw award sends Dong of Fei of Lang of where a surname Peng of  of hammer of  of approach of  pull  Du of constant  of ampling Ju of  of Wa of  of Tao of branny broil castrate of spay hey bastinado of emperor of Li of  of Tao of castrate of spay "   takes the advantage of bastinado of emperor of Gui  Mou > quarrel of show off hesitating is taken the advantage of, the Url map dynamic page becomes the form with likeness of static page Url, searching engine to think by accident is static page, with respect to meeting collection.

8, does the website transfer server: ? Address of P of Xi of locust of V of ǔ of Qiang of  of Tao of castrate of spay, when changing lead plane or domain name, IP/DNS address produces a change, at this moment you should refer a website afresh.

9, free website space: ? Is instrument muching bud of Yue of vinegar of  of Tao of  of Yan of slave-girl of  of Tao of castrate of spay to occupy Lai to be able to bear or endure does г of  of  chaste tree buy Du ah Sui of bank of persimmon of    ?

10, is the website when searching engine capture not online: ?

11, held back: of Robots index website erroneously? Obots: of Bing of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center of Long of provide for of  of any of several hot spice plants of laborious street location?

12, apply the webpage that Flash, DHTML, Cookies, JavaScript, Java is made or the password enters in great quantities, search engine is planted very hard from this content of the extraction in the page.

13, search engine cannot analytic your DNS: ? The time ability become effective of day of?-2 of Ping of Ze of Min of ⒉ of the  that sweep past Li, because this did not register a domain name,refer a website immediately.

14, does the link of the website spend too low: extensively?

15, is server rate too slow: ? Nao of  of  stitch the sole to the upper. ?

16, : of key word problem? Quan   takes the key word that mentions in label of ETA of Mo of astounded of banner of brandish humorous You, searching engine to may think is rubbish key word.