Search engine development and optimize new trend: Classify integrated conformity

Search engine will be more and more mature, the maneuverability that the onefold search engine that searchs a result ranks is lower and lower also, searching the person that engine is optimized is interpose the join person between search engine and website, the person that so search engine is optimized should understand search engine not only, should understand a website more, understand an user, the profit with such better ability makes the progress that prop up at the search, at the same time the benefit development at the website, increase the experience of the user, realize the person that search engine is optimized from which, sale person value.

One, the development direction that searchs engine

1, search individuation

From Gu Ge, baidu, the Yahoo business that searchs engine is transverse and patulous and of user individuation take seriously, the individuation of the search is inevitable trend, satisfy the preference of different search user and requirement.

2, search socialization

The net is picked, network favorite, digg, circle the popularity that wait, make the evaluation that the search pays attention to an user more, transverse evaluation, of news explode light cites rate.

3, search conformity is changed

Roll out culture search from Baidu, picture search, video search, in light of all-pervasive search of Yahoo, the conformity that searchs a result also will be necessary evolution trend.

2, the development direction that search engine optimizes