Search engine demand talks about SEO more strictly to be achieved formerly again for king

Core clew: Search index props up the filter and achieves sexual content formerly identifying of counterpoise answer content, basically be to adopt analysis exceeding cable length and information dactylogram technique, will judge an article to whether belong to what achieve formerly, what kind of sense is the former content that achieve a gender having after all to search and user?

The personnel that is engaged in searching engine to optimize is very clear, achieve the meaning that sexual content optimizes to searching engine formerly, begin in 8 years of second half of the year especially, baidu filters to what the webpage repeats content more strict, search engine filters repeatability content is to offer better search to experience to search user, if we retrieve a certain keyword when, searching the identical content that a large number of different websites appear in the result, I consider such search engine is to won’t get gay.

Does the former content that achieve a gender make the sense that prop up to the search?

Search engine trusts more and like to include the website of a large number of former content that achieve a gender, because they hope to obtain more content through these websites, is not many reduplicative content, inchoate a lot of people use a program to go other website collects content, the website content that will abound its oneself, achieve the goal that expends through discharge zone advertisement, baidu is so right repeat content examine stricter and stricter, if a certain website exists to repeat content in great quantities, may bring about a search to reject to collect the content of this website, so that be punished,perhaps do not have a rank in searching engine, because of these content to the user character is no point, but the website to a large number of former content that achieve a gender, search engine can give taller weight, and collect these webpage content, give better rank. Accordingly, a lot of stationmaster try to reprint the content of other website, have an edition 2 times next, it is so called bogus is achieved formerly, this kind of means can have a few effects it seems that, before two years, this kind of means is very effective, but now however may not is such, group of search engine technology is studying ceaselessly how better filtering repeats content, provide better search experience to the user, from go up somehow for, the technology that search engine filters to repeating content had matured quite, of course, it is better to be met later. So the high grade former content that achieve a gender to Ningxia SEO it is very important.

The former content that achieve a gender to the visit person meaning?

How do we always raise the rank of the website in ceaseless consideration, how does the consideration cater to those who search engine to like, if one day we do not depend on search to all alone engine obtains discharge, does your website return meeting somebody to like? The content that our website place provides is to cater to those who search engine to like not just, and whether do more content visitor that we offer need them truly, whether to satisfy their requirement truly. If what we offer content just searchs engine in deceit, satisfy the requirement of the user without method, we lost the sense that builds a station, final discharge needs transition, if pure it is to make discharge and rank, with respect to no point. So, content quality is to be achieved formerly not just enough, more it is the high grade content that the user needs truly.

The executive need of SEO project is whole the group cooperates, every detail is very important, high grade content is one of SEO item executive process important segment only, in the process that actual SEO project carries out, a lot of groups adopt the editor that lets his to come according to the keyword assemble keeps content, but to diminutive group character, this is highbrow, optimize personnel to searching engine next and character, high grade content is very important however, in the process that so we carry out in SEO project, want to consider how to produce the high grade content with valuable more, it is my individual below the graph of a scale in carrying out a process to SEO project:

Outstanding search index props up sale personnel, it is the demand that comes around the market, have network sale through SEO method, is not pure for discharge and rank, if be pure,mix for discharge rank, our department can solve search engine that to filter through Seo strategy the problem of repeatability content, next this to the visit person it is chilly however, our so ultimate goal is to pass a website to have sale and promotion, is not pure for flow figure. If have different opinion, welcome collective communication, progress.