Search engine collects evaluation phoneticize domain name to be helpful for searching a rank

Viewpoint: The website runs a many month, with a lot of stationmaster, I also pay close attention to the rank of the website everyday, glad is, the rank is rising everyday, optimize basically did a few (from the back can explain) , but final I still feel, be attributed to the phoneticize domain name that I use, although but that also is not a lot of netizens to say goes against a search to rank. My individual thinks search index props up the domain name that uses to keyword website place, identifying still is very preferential.


Search engine: Baidu

Keyword: The home is spun, industry keyword, search volume is high, user attention is spent tall.

Optimize a website: (blame Ad, otherwise I do not have a law to show case case. )

Rank at present: The 2nd.

Clew: The website that discharges the first at present has had the history building a station 4 years March, pr value is 5, baidu collects an amount 150, 000. And my website has a month to build station history only, pr value is 0, baidu collects an amount 115, have minimum among them 100 above are invalid join, (everybody can be clicked look) .

Optimize experience

1, setting website keyword.

2, setting website description.

3, hold to everyday 2, 3 achieve formerly. (as far as possible every article makes a plan, common saying says one graph gets the better of 1000 character. )

4, hold to 5-10 everyday piece bogus is achieved formerly. (although collect others, but should do as far as possible revise, especially article caption, article the first paragraph. )

5, as far as possible much collection trade news. (the station that is just like me, collect 2000 to spin a business, 80000 spin a picture)

6, maintain 1, 2 days increase effective outside catenary, divide evenly fast undertake. (as far as possible Pr is worth, build a station to look for a link to need to have patience. )

7, build settle or live in a strange place of a few rich, be like Sina Alibaba Hexun 163, achieve an article to be sent in time toward rich guest as far as possible formerly, do 1, the join of 2 keywords, the article should deliver an in part, not all hair goes up, it is OK to rise to conduct action.

8, keep former in achieving an article to send industry forum in time, also be to do 1, the join of 2 keywords, the article should deliver an in part, not all hair goes up, it is OK to rise to conduct action.

The individual’s small building stands experience, share with everybody.