Search dog searchs engine to optimize a method

Core clew: The flow that search dog brings a website is very little still, but long-term in light of, still can make some of contribution to increase website flow, do good website to depend on detail.

Search dog searchs engine (Sogou) is depending on the brand with Sohu portal powerful website and technical advantage, make the search engine that accords with Chinese, no matter be speed or search quality,be about the same with Baidu search engine.

Search the wide application of engine as search dog, will look at present already in Chinese search engine reside the 4th old an ancient folding chair firmly, although search dog is brought website discharge slants little, but do website of good search dog to optimize, as good as at also be a kind of method that increases website flow, the main support that Hou Qinglong thinks search dog website optimizes is the following respect:

One, search dog index

It is search dog the level that differentiates to the website weight of the website, level full marks is 100, cross the website Dou Shaozhi of 80 nevertheless little, exponential numerical value is higher, represent the on any account of website weight, the index is high more the rank that is helpful for a website.

2, website content

Search dog pays attention to the hypostatic content of the website very much, content readability is taller, achieve content formerly, the user likes more, raise rank of the index in search dog search more easily, if your content is reprinted by the website place with tall weight, that will more the integral weight rank that is helpful for raising a website.

3, the website is collected

How to let search dog website collect, just as its name implies, what China has a common saying child or him is good after all also our compatriots develops search dog independently, with do not walk along this kind of bottleneck of the Chinese from beginning to end with Baidu, can the rich guest that you reprint the message of your website to Sohu, can raise search dog website quickly to collect speed. Also can apply for to collect of course, land search dog to say. Hair post raises website information, dog letting search searchs engine staff member to help you collect a website. (