Sale close quarters sees friendship link Google to rank medium secret

Most website should see the look of Google, rank to Google accordingly for, it is each website advocate the thing of special care. The keyword of the website can have good place in Google rank, so the discharge of the website is undoubted success will come when conditions are ripe and rise greatly. Otherwise everything is so embarrassed.

Friendship links the old way that is Google rank, but friendship link is the very important way in Google rank, at least up to now I am returned so think. Or Google should cancel PR value.

But when exchanging friendship to link, below a lot of circumstances, however by the website advocate do very meaningly. And a lot of websites advocate think, change friendship link, or changes home page, otherwise beats dead to also be not done. Value of my PR of website home page is 3, the webpage of home page is Index.html, and have inside the PR value of page Product.html also is 3, it is together with home page below root catalog, say inside the page says relatively actually, here it is equal that Google thinks their PR is worth, weight also is equal, if have,add a catalog to be like Product/product.html, this ability is true inside page. However actual condition is, to my explanation, without a few websites advocate can understand, they are willing to be exchanged with my home page, the condition as to Product.html is much poorer, everybody keeps away from far.

To those websites advocate for, they also are a commutative home page, or is friendship link page. Friendship links point to notting have is not home page. In the search result that ranks in Google, the entrance page of key word also is not had is not home page. The result that such causing is, to product key word, the home page that stands because of intranet nothing more than it is company brief introduction, the product is revealed, the extraction content of news center respect, fixed position of entrance of result of key word search is in home page, the user is returned from page of product of home page reentrance, if your product navigation is done,not be so good, the user can not find a product easily certainly, so the Google rank of product key word does not have how old meaning actually. Website advocate hardship is optimized so that the Google rank that come also is less than action with respect to play.

Become friendship link so, you must arrange the entrance network address of key word reasonably, arrangement of need of what key word is in home page, what key word needs to arrange a page inside. If all key word a brood child the ground is arranged in home page, inevitable meeting causes home page content and key word not quite match, because the content of home page is finite after all, also can cause home page friendship to link an elephant pedicular and same the special malformation that hangs completely.

Mention big field for, if Seo can look from the online sale angle of enterprise website, can adjust Seo gimmick from online sale, won’t appear such and such comical Seo gimmick and a lot of bias. Because remove those who be less than any action to optimize to online sale, the decoration that your Google rank is Xu Hua only just.