Rise inside page weight inside the page regards as home page will undertake optimizing

Inside of the page optimize to whole station weight rise have very big effect, so everybody must take seriously inside of the page optimize.

The website is done to want to be with content namely if a lot of stationmaster often hang mouth edge king, create the content of high quality. If have incisive implied meaning,be to be able to get a few flow of course, but use the essay that collects a tool to come over to just do next altering in caption respect at present, I think such inside the page is general to collecting the effect to see. So, if we take seriously inside of the page optimize, do to its optimize the effect to be met more apparent.

But at present, we know general stationmaster is met only fall to optimize kongfu certainly in Title, not very good use inside the page raises a website to collect. Actually, if you were despised inside the page is met the discharge with very much loss. Website Seo optimizes one of keys are content, also be with respect to article page optimize. The flow that a website restricts a half is to originate inside page, what the page optimizes commonly inside is long end word, long end is optimized mainer and mainer. Because inside the amount of the page is can exceed classified page far or homepage, although homepage and channel page have very popular keyword flow tremendous, but similar proposal stationmaster people optimize in what the page inside oversight does not want when optimizing a website.

To latter, still blaming what oneself website does not collect search engine is right. Analyse next reasons well, see what reason cause. If nonexistent cogged wait for behavior, that is in well inside page part does next optimizing. The author oneself internally a few experience that the page optimizes are done share, although likelihood everybody understands these experience respecting very much, but when be being done at ordinary times, perhaps meet oversight.

Everybody can refer to so specific means the following respects:

The first, collect reach newer

1, often update inside page information;

2, webpage code and key word optimize;

3, code requirement is neat, be normative! the navigation of the website, on caption add, letting format of webpage of network spider capture is important, proper adoption a few series, can have certain help.

The 2nd, of content optimize

1, the webpage that does not build content of a text to grow too, want to use minute of page to show moderately, be willing to read feature-length content without the person, can make an eye very tired in that way.

2, style of writing wants changeful, searcher can use the word order with different assorted different perhaps word probably.

3, want think like newspaper reporter. In foremost face with the most important information to start with, continue to stress main idea in whole article, through strong summary serves as an end finally.

4, should think all the time like direct sale personnel. How compose content ability is OK tarry caller, the glamour of use language and draw major person, offer strong the action appeal power that has sense of urgency.

The 3rd, increase the in-house link of the webpage

1.Home page is the most important

Again the in-house link that every page in the website should retain in a home page, include the most rock-bottom product introduction page.

2. website navigation

Website navigation link is the main line that search engine spider crawls downward, also be the bridge that makes sure each other is connected between website channel, suggest use character is linked.

3. crumble navigation

The meaning of crumble navigation informs what the user is in a website at present why to be planted truly in Yu Ming the position, convenient user achieves navigation of ranking page crumble quickly through this navigation should listed user is located all ranking webpages of the page (logistic structure) name and link.

4. dependency is linked

Page of article of information column purpose can list dependency article, likewise OK and listed dependency searchs a result, for example: It is likewise kind of TOP10 below, OK to click an a seniority, article, article become dependency link.

5. website map

Map of the website that make joins a map to link in home page lower part (had better make of format of make it HTML)

When is above inside the little skill that the page optimizes a respect, it is clear to believe everybody compares me how to optimize. Everybody learns a business: Inside the page is optimized when home page. (net of talent of Qgang.cn spring harbor)