Reveal website caption Baidu adequately newest participle algorithm explains

Because of a variety of reasons, already a long time had not sent a thing. Tian Ren takes time today, react everybody most problem is arranged recently, chat with everybody.

The first problem is the influence that algorithm adjusts Baidu recently, let a lot of friends do not have main threads of an affair. This actually the biggest adjustment is on the participle, a lot of friends also noticed. Resemble a few days ago saying, original great master should have made dry statement only, assist all round had made long end statement with respect to OK, no matter you use what word search, the rank resembles Baidu contest price same firmly cannot shake. But after this Baidu algorithm is adjusted, not be seemingly so return a responsibility, the subject that you become still can have been discharged euqally, but those long end words are very few however and OK search arrived

So does this participial algorithm change where be? Tian Ren takes the basiccest TITLE compose to explain. Baidu in the TITLE of 31 Chinese characters, believe SEOER people can make full use of. Friends know, our regular meeting separates the keyword to use English in TITLE the comma of half horn, or be | Will distinguish, and after Baidu segments algorithm this to adjust, although still can consider as these separator, but usage has been done not have so normative before. The reason is very simple, baidu is more and more self-confident to its participle, the dependence that had abandoned slowly or reduces pair of traditional separator.

Present Baidu, can very easy identifying is whole the specific participle in the sentence, and the effect that the sedulous keyword that wants us has emphasis some time receiving with separator is contrary, an apparent phenomenon is, each keywords that want you in your TITLE use separator to list clearly, but the case that you see as a result in the search finally is however: There is this participle apparently in this sentence obviously (two apart keyword) , but did not add to you however red. That is to say Baidu did not identify you at all the keyword in this sentence.

Is this how to return a responsibility? Not be rubbish of Baidu participle technology, however Baidu abandoned this sentence. (Friends have the possibility here some dizzy, I am then simple cite a case. Keyword AAABBB among them AAABBB is the independent keyword in Baidu participle library respectively, and this moment, your TITLE writes so: AAA grows end BBB to grow end, AAABBB grows end, when as a result you search AAABBB, the search of Baidu is unexpectedly sometimes in the result: AAA grows end BBB to grow end, AAABBB grows end, the AAA in the sentence is mixed in front BBB was not considered as a keyword by Baidu. The AAA in the sentence is mixed in front BBB was not considered as a keyword by Baidu..

Of course, baidu is done not have proud to deny all separator, be used to the course of action that is used to to according with Chinese compose to undertake falling into disuse according to the use of Chinese however. Perhaps also can understand from another angle, baidu is changed this have the reason that is aimed at SEO, chinese and English mix written TITLE, cannot avoid optimized suspicion. (Say when friend of a lot of SEOER is joking namely, you allow when Baidu has cogged, but also won’t allow you to optimize)

So, how should we come now compose TITLE? Tian Ren passes the closest period of time consider, the compose of TITLE, we should abandon use the practice of English symbol painstakingly so to save character to 31 only Chinese characters, although this kind of course of action has not been abandoned completely by Baidu, but this trend friends should be OK look come out. English half horn comma, among English bar (occupy half character) , these symbols can change the symbol of Chinese, even if loss the character that puts long end statement also is worthiness. | This separator has uprighted now between character and separator, this symbol should be so complete now fell into disuse. is the separator of TITLE done not have after us appropriate? Not be of course. Pass the observation of pair of Baidu oneself products and sina, the most appropriate now separator is the bar below the _ that takes half character only, everybody can try to consider to use this after. Of course, what must want to take care of Chinese sentence is syntactic.

About the participle, here says the compose of next TITLE, other differ one dilatancy. The participle of TITLE is algorithmic and absolutely not applicable with other element, this bit of everybody is not promiscuous. (