Repeat a page to also won’t be alled alone by search engine K is dropped more again

The question about content repeating inside the site is more, tool of the member that for instance we pass cereal song website to manage discovers our site page appears mark of very multiple restitute. For instance / Abc/ and / engine of Abc/index.asp (search can consider as two different method) repeatability. Still having is the repetition that a few dynamic pages appear page.

After all do these repeat a page to you can be searched the punishment of engine? The answer is won’t. Search engine won’t repeat because of what your site content causes will punish you, because the site did not violate search,all alone engine is collected and rank a regulation. Why some of friend should be met of this respect is those who say more serious?

Basically the following reason is caused.

The content that 1. does not borrowed please and collects Internet comes fill your site. Because of so many repetition content can let search engine to think your site was not an user to offer useful value.

2. does not want the catalog of a site and region to found a large number of identical content, differ namely catalog should have him the content with peculiar catalog. The content between catalog weighs resume a session to reduce the interest that search engine collects.

3. attends couplet to belong to content (allied advertisement) the site does not decorate many advertisement please (AD) , should decorate more be achieved formerly and novel content. Make sure page content does not suffer advertising effect then. Also won’t reduce user experience.

So whether can be reduplicative content collected entirely? The answer is reduplicative content can be filtered, there is representative page reveal in searching engine to be able to choose to repeat a page after that in the search engine is collected inside. Of course you also can dominate this one action. That is an in repeating a page page that you hope you to reveal put inside Sitemap site map.

Although won’t be punished,repeat content, but his bad property also is reflected came out, do not have the competition ability that site keyword ranks. Because search engine to like the diversity of the site so, is not to repeat content. (