Refuse optimize do not rely on Baidu to increase the flow of one times easily

A lot of friends think: The website once by Baidu K later, basically do not have the possibility that restores to collect again. Actually otherwise, on the whole for, baidu is friendly, if your website by K, have for certain by the reason of K, the question that should search oneself in time so is in, undertake rectifying and reform, await Baidu patiently next collect again.

It is with my website exemple, I am in a of last month weekend when checking discharge, discover discharge acute is decreased, because my discharge basically comes from Baidu search, so I realize the situation is bad immediately, collect a circumstance to what Baidu checks my website instantly, the result is collected did not find, my website by Baidu K, this is my the first reaction at that time. How to do?

I thought of two problems:

1, the likelihood is me piled up to pass word of much popular crucial point, although the Baidu rank of my Tecent QQ is not in the first, but the discharge; that brought close 1000IP however to me every day

2, the friendship that may be me has 3 to go to 4 in join by K website join. Then I begin to rectify and reform, think to pass much crucial point word above all, deleted a few. Next one by one checks friendship link, it is to be not checked really do not know, check frighten jump, my friendship has 4 actually in join by K website, without giving thought to,hurry thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one, expunge these join to say again.

Finish these, I begin to consider to whether want to write a letter to Baidu, if write if, in case Baidu is not me because of K of word of pile crucial point, is that that sends those who come to look for K? So final decision does not write a letter first, wait a few days to depend besides. Passed 3 days so, every day the pity with little flow, in my heart very angst. Have a stationmaster friend at this moment I tell in QQ: The website that he discovers me by K, persuade me to change before it is too late domain name, in order to reduce a loss. He thinks by Baidu K have the opportunity of survival hardly. My heart began to shake, the 4th day, still do not have the evidence that is collected afresh, I begin to consider to change the thing of the domain name. The 5th day, I am occupied one day did not get online, the 6th day, the ground is in my unwilling to give up again the website that Baidu checked me, dare not believe a bit simply, baidu collected my website afresh again actually! The 6th day after be being rectified and reform merely!

With me the experience of oneself is taught a lesson, remind everybody:

1, website by K, seek an account from his website first, rectify and reform in time. The website because of you you are the clearest circumstance.

2, do not be eager to writing a letter to Baidu, possible Baidu K your reason is not the problem that you keep, lest outsmart oneself, the opportunity that did not turn over forever.

3, not excessive pile is popular crucial point word

4, every day good convention of connective of nurturance examination friendship, discover by the website of K, seasonable eliminate the friendship join of this website.

5, collect automatically not in great quantities, if such, although not by K, also may be fallen to counterpoise processing.

6, rectify and reform end, want to have patience. Collect need time afresh, do not change until the last moment domain name.

These are the experience of my individual, the experience that still has had can follow everybody great communicating. Thank! (