Refer search engine to collect be inferior to going the website contribute with tall weight

Core clew: Neither one optimizes ace truly, because do SEO,this dare say him without who is ace, can saying only is experience. The experience of each person is different and all the method is different also, actually the purpose has only, let a website have a good rank namely.

Write down so that oneself had written two articles before (the station that a few action let you is collected quickly practical, fast, free) (how to let search engine Baidu (Baidu) collect new station oneself see) , be about collected problem. Of course those methods can try more, actually him method of avery kind of people can consult, only such oneself people just can progress, ability is OK oneself are maintained grasp an effective method.

He write this now is rake sth up actually, say honest, because too much novice was in those who care him site to collect, oneself introduce this method today more practical than the method that mentions in those two articles that oneself say before.

If you are in,had better be to see oneself of course this article, if you had been done,used without what. How to because this article has a problem only,let search engine cereal song namely (Google) the first day of site that collects you searchs engine Baidu (Baidu) a week collects you. Because oneself use this method already test and verify, the domain name that oneself register in the morning, search index props up Gu Ge afternoon (Google) collected the 2nd week to search engine Baidu (Baidu) collected. If can accomplish this a little bit, then you need to had made sufficient preparation surely.

The a bitth, program

The site is indispensible should have designed beforehand, in this locality the test succeeds, have certain content, had better be the program that starts formerly.

at 2 o’clock, go conduct propaganda of weight tall site

Do not search engine to refer certainly. Ah, two him articles mention need to repeat in front refer, that just is aimed at old station, now is new station you cannot be referred, why, pressing regular think of a way is him people referred a site to just be collected, its are honest oneself people refer, at the same time search index props up it to also have process of a judgement, this process is controlled in two days commonly. Oneself tried a lot of times, oneself are referred network address is collected and do not refer site speed to want a lot of faster. Do not refer how to let them collect, this is oneself people need comes with converse thinking, why oneself people should go looking for them actively, make them active look for them people be better, this brings a spider namely, actually search index props up Gu Ge (Google) those who pay attention to is outside catenary, want oneself only people it is OK to go searching engine to update very fast site to keep a link, this brings the spider namely came over.

Engine of general like Chinaz search is 3 hours update. Want you to release an article to pass in Chinaz only, leave a network address, basically this article is inside 3 hours you are searching engine Baidu (Baidu) with Google OK search arrives. Still have a good place, go namely moon rich guest leaves network address, namely you go looking for the site with tall weight to become a link, if you are collected quickly best the literal catenary that you spend 100 yuan to buy home page, one day enough. Ah.

at 3 o’clock, do not want correcting easily

Very important, it is you after the catenary outside doing good site to stay, your site one this cannot correcting. Caption of what not active. Wait only collect stabilized you to be revised again, and you do not exceed caption 30 words. Of course caption has only in front 3 key word are useful, of other can be auxiliary action only.

at 4 o’clock, diligent at updating

Collected when the site, you should assure to want to have everyday newer.

at 5 o’clock, achieve formerly

This is the thing that a person says mouth skin to rot, achieve formerly, achieve formerly, achieve formerly, must achieve formerly, that is in like fructification of course did not change, took those who do not have, change a head to change end, also have, ah, must not be collected and come in disorder. (Author: Luo Liming origin: