Recommend the skill of SEO introduction foundation of WORDPRESS

We hope our website is full of opportunity of survival and vigor of course, had better be busy streets is like before the door:) Be unavoidable to consider the SEO skill of WORDPRESS system seriously so. Browse in the process of the data, discovered a few of forefathers relevant articles, cento is so lukewarm know so new.
WordPress SEO (1) – basic method
SEO, it is Search Engine Optimization, search engine to optimize namely. How to let Google, yahoo, does the search index such as Baidu prop up the better daily record that searchs you?

1, the pattern plate that uses 2 column formula as far as possible. Although we are OK now very relaxed find a lot of beautiful pattern plate, of 2 column, of 3 column, even of 4 column have. But, to SEO optimize, what we had better choose is the pattern plate of 2 column. Because be opposite,the capture of website content is commonly from left arrive right, of from the top down. If your left just have column of a few side, so dragnet station is met first capture your link, RSS the thing that wait

I think complement here. Compared with only hurdle pattern plate, much column is more charming. Much column lover people can mix in choice pattern plate a tenet masters when placing content: The choice is left the pattern plate of the column that do not have side, place the content such as important key word in the page as far as possible left. The capture regulation much column that complies with search engine can optimize SEO likewise.

2, hold plug-in unit of a TAG only, avoid complex.
3, the website content that lets search a website to get you slowly as far as possible, avoid to use the plug-in unit of and so on of what MET TAG, nature is good
4, the H2 of side column and H3 caption had better be used add thick show.
5, the caption H1 of the log also had better show for thick substance, and simple accretion a few keywords related to your website content.