Raise weight to must do what have quality effectively to return chain

Come all the time, do I feel to search Link: of the input in casing in Baidu?

Myself is summed up, turn over catenary to should divide 3 kinds:

1, outside does station home page turn over catenary: ? Does ü  exchange wave inferior does Cui lip embrace the beautiful  that boast a standard to bright grey Zi Dizheng of  of  of jab of planning travel Х standing tall and upright?

2, outside the page inside the station returns chain: Flexible language comes true.

3, inside the page inside the station returns chain: Rely on what this station must come to return chain.

4, rubbish turns over catenary to perhaps be called make come out return chain.

Pass before (Dqzrc.com) citing, can rife returns chain, but the authority cost in Baidu is not high.

The first, this station has 449 to return chain at present, but have 90% above returning chain is to pass his 2 grade domain name to bring, and what the wave motion of the number that return chain also comparatives is big. It is effective that so it turns over catenary truly to have 229 only.

The 2nd, a lot of Link appear in returning chain this key word eye, the proof opposes the presence that Link and domain name have only in catenary in Baidu, baidu regards collected page as likely link a page reversely.

The 3rd, likeness of the page that return chain is spent too tall, this also is the question that searchs engine to evaluate discretion of a quality that return chain.

Make clear through afore-mentioned data: It is easy to make the number that return chain, but should have done returning chain effectively is very difficult issue.

Experience shares together with everybody below:

1, seek a link

It should look for which kinds of website to link is A, good to should look for which kinds of website to link, of job of first-rate person of the same trade, newer inside Baidu frequency is tall.

Of website of person of the same trade of B, analysis return chain, this page that return chain just is best effect.

2, write soft article

This is more troublesome to some stationmaster, very between take time, but the effect is better instead, very much big station has his writing group, ceaseless hype, write false article even, of course this can be not done too falsely.

With respect to these, fast spent the New Year, the mood is so more active, have some of detail possibly did not think out, hope everybody advise point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.