Quality of the catenary outside resolution reachs a few kinds of methods of the catenary outside increasing high quality

Core clew: A lot of stationmaster know the mad catenary outside increasing only in the initial stage that becomes a station, but the catenary outside knowing what just is of high quality however. So Where is the quality that how judges a link?

To the quality judgement of exterior link, basically can come according to the following elements:

1. site dependency

Website dependency is a when search engine to use judgement website quality main factor, also be the key of SEO. So, patulous and exterior link when, the link kind that needs to search above all is the website related to him theme.


Very simple, it is a website cannot be cogged perhaps had had cogged mark.

3. derives link

Home page of website of the other side includes inside the page has how many to derive link, the quality of derived link how, quality of on any account links the proportion that hold. If home page derives the link is very much, quality is bad also, avoid to exchange a link with this kind website as far as possible.

Quality of 4. website content

The content quality of website of the other side how, achieve content be in the majority formerly or collect, reprint give priority to.

5. website content updates frequency

The content that can observe website of the other side updates frequency, the content that carries the law updates frequency, the spider just can call in often website.

6. website is ranked

Of website of the other side of random and draw-out observation advocate the rank such as keyword, 2 class keyword, long end keyword, understand the weight of website of the other side


To the quality judgement of exterior link, want to have observation according to the multinomial element of website of the other side, pure PR value cannot represent link quality, need watchs each factors of the website, the purpose that exchanges a link is to raise rank of website of website weight, promotion. Exchange a link with the website of high quality, can promote the rank of the website quickly. What effect perhaps is less than since the link of website of a high quality, but if be accumulated 20, 30, when website of 50 high quality is linked, what you can discover your website is searching the expression in engine is first-rate. Catenary is absent outside much, depend on essence of life however.

How can you just find high quality so outside Where is catenary? Here just sums up oneself to become a few meanses in join

1.One-way join operates oneself or friend website: Easy effect: Good

What someone of classics regular meeting says keyword rank is compared is resource, if yourself has weight to compare tall website to be able to make one-way connection to new station, stationmaster friend is more, call a friend to help hang join of a character, such effect is best. Of course, premise is the stationmaster friend; that yourself has other station to perhaps have a flock of good comparison

2.Friendship link exchanges an operation: In the effect: Good

Big website has personnel of special exchange connective even, see its importance and effect. But certain to standing newly in the operation to be able to have difficulty, because be join exchange, need level mostly identical, if you do not have PR to do not have discharge,be very difficult find high quality link, can come slowly only. New station initial stage does not want rapid move to change join, it exchange a few new stations that are collected by Baidu is OK to exchange a few new stations that are collected by Baidu, after through friend him join the first time PR such as website join is updated, have 2, or 3, it is better that discharge has certain foundation reexchange;