Qi Ning: Rubbish link still is put in the link to also can be pulled move inside need

The person that does SEO knows to link the importance in SEO, I also had written a few articles that understand a link about using a link correctly so, but the rubbish with the sundry person that still still exist now links a form. We says this article today the phylogeny of the link.

Link this thing to say but the word grew, leave a definition to the link first above all: The link that says here is the link between site and site, a lot of people call him friendship link again. Understand the link between means friend website from literal. Very long very long before it is really in that way, that link calls pure the link that is pure friendship absolutely. But the occurrence as SEO, the link began to deteriorate

When SEO just started, a lot of people think SEO is keyword rank. So a lot of people are considering the keyword rank with how get good. The undeniable link rank to the keyword some helps. Still write down inchoately when making a rank, hang a keyword of a few links to rank casually very quickly and case. This kind of link is having the link that produces creed is pure the link that belongs to friendship. As the grow in quantity of the elapse site of time, those who search the algorithmic again and again of engine is newer, the regulation of the rank also close change, relying on onefold link purely is very achieve the result hard.

Then the link period that half favor spends complete handiwork ends, began to link the heavy revolution of machine times. Open link group of hair, leave a message of group of hair epochal! This method greatly saved cost and time, formed a perfect system, even the rank catchword that the company hits some SEO to was not done wantonly blending on SEO market, do sth over and over again is worn. The company that becomes SEO not less up to now still is worn in continuance the method of this one tradition.

This method is very simple, buy or look for group of hair leave a message this or forum software, write on a few paragraphs of UBB or HTML code, hang electrify head everything sets his mind at. The operation is so skilled so satisfied, this is SEO, this is the origin that rubbish links.

Mad when open page of 10 rich guest to have there is the return that contains a link illegally in 8 pages. 10 leave a message this in 10 links have a link, have very person leave a message this in it is a link entirely, very difficult resolution goes out is navigation stand or leave a message this, ah. This moment, our stationmaster people anxious, well forum rich guest is full of by these rubbish place, began a series of upgrade revise. Website programmer, business of Wu of forum rich customer service got profit from which. Additionally the fountainhead of these things also was sent, those hair that write alleged sale software, those are alleged good forum leaves a message this the person of data also was sent. Linking revolution the 2nd times is successful. Search engine had a rough time, the user experiences difference

Searched engine to also realize the seriousness of the problem fortunately, undertook be reforminged again updating to the technology. Abolished factory of a few links, deleted those rubbish websites, the action of the link gradually abate, the condition of the rank that searchs engine increased, get rid of is ranked besides the ill will of those rubbish sites. Times of machine of link of contrast of whole network photograph is kosher

In the interest drive below, our SEO person how can easily is character defeated? Link times is being reformed again, entered capitalist society completely to capital had everything, link buying and selling. Actually link buying and selling is in the United States 2002 early already very popular, I remember still considering when I am contacted first, link unexpectedly can sell a fund. They are in charge of this to call a link advertisement, the feeling follows present AdSense and advertisement of article content keyword similar.

Arrived capitalist times photograph is more sensitive to the number. It is SEO person is using this kind of method not just one does a business on Internet most the illicit of firm is taken also intervene come in. These people are opposite basically SEO is understanding a few, know a few simple analysises to do a few years of websites. Choose from the website, arrive to buy an end finally, having a very perfect mechanism. Special link buys forum, have link group of groups technically, the wind that does business affairs a bit really model. Not hesitate to assure a rank all cost, every site the link of every month is little criterion a few hundreds of (this basically depends on the quality that links a site, they are having a series of attestation of link quality system) .

To this kind of phenomenon I consider as a network to develop the product in nature, this compares rubbish of inchoate the impayable that do not have a code group hair and all sorts of network psoriasis is close friends a few, the individual head of a station that gives us not only so brought profit, also give the site of these handlers brought advantage. The site specification that has investment develops purposely. But be over in order to eat to deceive people with respect to what swing with be a purpose to achieve sudden huge profits to those site I object stoutly! Make money have but should take the right way, the link is useful but should use be in.

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