Qi Ning: Arm with SEO thought oneself

Attended a SEO that holds in Beijing to communicate the conference the day before yesterday, I think originally this congress and a few more similar Internet congress, the advertisement of all over the mountains and plains, hold in both hands wildly blow, without the meaning of what materiality. But the conference yesterday, it is the SEO person congress of a be worthy of the name really, one has deep love for the congress of SEO career person.

This the conference makes my feeling quite deep, see SEO lover advocate of so much, I feel excited and very glad. Really, SEO is growing, group team expands ceaselessly. The hope has more person to transmit the right idea of SEO. At the same time I want to be opposite all SEO facilities operator, the worker is simple say a few words related SEO job.

If you are a few baleful action that a true SEO drops you please, do not mix for the interest fend and swindle and bluff, destroy game regulation. The SEO person of a be worthy of the name, it is the right idea of SEO transmission goes out, is not to use SEO to make money machine as a kind. Because we search engine to optimize hobby and communication to go, we long to transmit right SEO idea and technology, not be money!

A lot of people think SEO searchs engine to rank namely by accident! Did not forget, the Chinese that SEO is metaphrase of Search Engine Optimization is to search engine to optimize. In the final analysis, we are the search be fond of according to searching engine and behavior habits, build through adjusting website structure use structure of search engine capture; Deploy and website combine the search that accords with search engine to collect the keyword of the mechanism cheek by jowl; Proper adjustment is in-house the link builds internal system; Fewer but better the exterior link with exact true disposition, will optimize oneself website, suit to search the search result of engine more. Not be to oppose at search index is propped up, provide the high grade content that he likes to search engine however, the person that to the search engine is used is offerred faster more accurate search result. SEO and search engine are two brother that do not divide, is not contrary enemy. The person that I am willing to all alone the person that SEO calls high grade content to offer and search engine is safeguarded more.

SEO needs to be experienced attentively.

The development of all things nothing more than budding, develop, be on the wane a few phase. Present SEO market is in phase of a preliminary development, the special mystery that a lot of people look it and enigmatic, also put in a few errors to the understanding of SEO. Also many organizations are in now it is the person that use to be being done to SEO and search engine correct guiding and point to. I believe eventually will SEO meeting incline to is one day mature, offer perfect content and perfect website for broad user, form a good Internet atmosphere.

I begin 2 years to contact search engine to optimize, manage formally 3 years. At the outset our very much search engine fan, because contact the search engine forum of BAIDU and BAIDU (the product of a forum with the most inchoate BAIDU, had shut now) and went one case. Still remember becoming the search engine first 9238, he is an expert of engine of special elder search, give us ceaselessly to provide his search thought and understanding. Still remember the JJYY of Shanghai, science and technology of big the Qin Dynasty, ALLTHEWEB gives the search that we bring the forum that engine fan collects. Travel of cruel of the trifling of some catalog manager of DMOZ, sunshine, big elephant (the SEO operator of Beijing) . Still the competitor GOOGLE123 that those are ranked to search engine at the outset and comes out, GCCGLE is waited a moment. Do not know you make what trade now, but I know you present thought and my present idea is to have a few for certain duplicate. There is the right idea that a lot of people are transmitting SEO now, I want those who be willing to see to this also is you. Everybody hopes nothing more than the right idea that more people go transmitting SEO! To search engine, the company that serves for ourselves SEO or website offer value!

Give the person that will learn use SEO few word of advice: SEO just arms oneself, enrich a kind of means of thinking of him website operation, had armed with SEO the value that oneself just can produce it, go using SEO your located trade again, I believe it can bring a miracle to you.