Pulling Baidu to climb, let Baidu update his station!

Spider SEO: ? ? of faze of W cruel Yu lets Baidu update his station!

SEO needs to be applied neatly. SEO technology is dead, but our cerebra is not dead! ! !

The station that sees in a lot of place the friend says him recently had not been updated by Baidu for ages. Still a relation compares good friend, his is advertisement station, baidu also was not updated, baidu snapshot is not newer, those who show still is the information previously, rank go up not to go all the time, particularly anxious. See him carefully stand, everything is normal, without any cogged behavior. Baidu did not update estimation is other reason.

Gibberish did not say, avoid delay everybody time. Everybody also encounters most propbably cross similar problem.

Analyse, want the station that Baidu updates him, want to let Baidu climb his station above all. But how Baidu doesn’t do? So we think method is pulling him to come! How to pull? Continue to look! The simplest now way, yourself creates a key word, for instance 7 it is differ, 8 it is differ. Ten million should assure the uniqueness of key word, the result dependency that Baidu searchs wants low. That key word should appear in your home page, and have relevant explanation, the purpose is do relevant content around key word. Go next Baidu updates fast place, release pertinent information. The key word that the article that you publish should create around you is written, key word can be used 9 times add thick, colour, or underline, key word receives address of your home page repeatedly, address of your home page is added 9 times again in content. It is too beyond the mark to do not want OK.

The most important arrived, key word has been added, information also was released, what should do now is to spark Baidu detects database, thereby Baidu can find your home page down those new content! How to spark? Still use ask? The key word that just became, have uniqueness, and dependency is low. If somebody searchs that key word, baidu retrieval time will be first the page with the most appropriate consideration, perhaps Baidu did not go temporarily you stand, but Baidu can be analysed for certain new analytic information, then, join climbs you to stand related the information that collects anew, newer!

How to spark the key word that Baidu him search creates? The method is too much! Go the forum with a few popular children, publish a few cards that allow person return easily, key word points to you to stand, also can be address of search of key word XXX. Can go QQ forum releases an information, what meaning is asking others key word XXX after all? Send 100QB! Can go Baidu knows to release, high component demands the explanation of key word XXX! Still have other very much method, oneself think! Use put on one’s thinking cap child! Want to go to the place with person much energy of life! Of course, you also can release false information! Hey. . . Go for instance stationmaster kind forum releases Baidu by black, search key XXX joins the address points to GOOGLE entirely! Also can go other forum releases Baidu news, the whole nation will have earth shake tomorrow! Anyhow guiding netizen goes sparking your that key word, believe need not much, ten people are enough! Deceive people bad, but stationmaster is too painstaking, be worth to excuse! ! !

Above method is to use the key word that allows Baidu to use other to update, friend station has used this means test, be successful! Estimation should be in into power 80% above, basically be to saw you operate! Update fast place as to Baidu a lot of, it is this address is here only inconvenience is announced. Need clever person also thought of. Of course, still have the station with other very much tall weight and forum, baidu climbs everyday.

Manage to everybody main threads of an affair, not clear continuity looks, those who understand is OK go person!

One: Add the written language that achieves formerly, optimize around key word appropriately, intense proposal also is added in Title.

2: In Baidu weight tall, update fast place to release the information that contains around inside Shanghaiguan of key word photograph and your site join, let Baidu climbing to find you, pulling Baidu to go you stand!

3: Guide others to search this key word, spark Baidu retrieves a database afresh, basis retrieval locates as a result finally your station.

Through 3, baidu will be preferential consideration 2, through 2, find one. Next Baidu can catch you to stand afresh! Newer! Ask the problem is solved! The purpose is achieved! The task is finished! The first pace is completely feasible, the 2nd yourself does a few content to send ten places according to key word, be collected by Baidu, also calculate a success! 3 it is a key, saw you how be operated! It is OK to trick! Go to the place with person much energy of life revulsive!

Individual experience, baidu is not newer, the longest can pull 4 months to you. Google is bit better, the sentence that delay does not exceed a month commonly. Above method can solve Baidu to be not updated, the issue that Baidu snapshot does not replace. To new site, baidu is likewise effective without collected site! Repeat: To new site, baidu is likewise effective without collected site!

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