Prohibit the means that Google collects website picture

If you want to prohibit,Google collects your webpage content, you can use the series Meta label that Google bears in webpage code. But if your some webpages hope,literal content is collected, but do not hope the picture is collected again, how should do? There are a few private photoes in your Blog for instance, hope only by your reader (also be the good friend that you interact at ordinary times at the same time) see. Or the space that your website place uses has strict discharge restriction, you do not hope your discharge by light of picture bad news. No matter stem from which kinds of purpose, you can press these methods have the side:

1. prohibits Google collects all pictures, noimageindex number can join in the Head ministry of the webpage:


Notable is, if the picture on your website is used by other website (the picture that includes to point to you directly is linked) , so when Google is collecting other website, still the opportunity collects your picture.

2. if your picture is put in same in catalog, can prohibit so Goolge collects this catalog, such a few safer. Join in Robots.txt file below content can:

User-agent: *
Disallow: / Images/

3. if the picture that you consider some kind of form only is not collected, also can change the 2nd kind of method, become:

User-agent: *
Disallow: / *.gif

Be equal to so tell Google and other search engine, do not collect the picture of the Gif format in your website.