Processing of keyword choice strategy is very cold popular reach professional concern

Core clew: The keyword that does a website to had chosen matters to the discharge that him site is searching engine to obtain. The keyword is chosen too popularly, those who discharge advanced face is ace completely, how are you squeezed go up, the keyword chooses too an unexpected winner, the whole world searchs your this keyword 10 come individual, what effect to still have?

Above all, according to oneself the statistical data of the website is analysed, system of much freer statistic exceeds on the net, look for casually, there is analysis of very detailed search engine antecedents, keyword antecedents to wait for a function inside, what we should do is careful research, will decide oneself should do what keyword according to week or nearly a few nearly a few lunar data!

Next, in search dog him search chooses good keyword, the relevant search of recycle search dog undertakes reference. Perhaps look up with Baidu index: What does the keyword that has decided oneself want to do finally have after all, next specific the Meta label that optimizes him website and page content. In optimizing a process, if need those who provide to use station farm laborer hired by the year, everybody can arrive in search.

A few do choosing a keyword have to want to notice:

1, if capable word, go doing more popular keyword. For instance Nba, this word is in in Baidu Sino-Japanese all search a quantity for 79306, can be popular keyword, you can be done in discharge of the first page very considerable; and those colder keywords, although your station can discharge the position to the front of Baidu or Google home page lean, also was not to come everyday of a few Ip, because the person of attention is very few after all.

2, if do keyword of an unexpected winner, need so in order to measure score a success. Keyword of an an unexpected winner pays close attention to one day with respect to a few people, brought discharge is maintained dead also do not pass 100. But if there is many page to be in in a station,rank in colder word relatively pretty good, so, the number with the very sizable discharge that add up, this is effect of so called long end.

3, if be professional station, can look for some of competition to be done relative to lesser keyword. Actually, the person that has search of a lot of keywords at present is rife, but corresponding website is less however, competition is not big. For instance project of a few environments, the word of clinical medicine respect is waited a moment, what these stand is professional very strong, if you are the professional of this respect is disentombing,keyword respect has very large dominant position

4, possible the word should be known forecast a keyword, the match that should hold fixed festival, every year for instance, be like NBA, the keyword of complete star of year of every NBA of the beginning of the year can be over there Google violent wind has risen severalfold.

5, care newest current affairs news even, know the trend that judges time. For instance this kind of keyword may be in submarine submarine barge against two days this is more popular keyword.

Keyword resource is extraction never-failing almost (the world is changing everyday) , how has ability disentombed and the keyword that suits oneself, that is about to relied on everybody to hold!