Privacy exposed to the open air searchs engine how to much know on the network

It is when you after the content that the in searching casing input of Google, Baidu should search, search engine is executing search mission for you at the same time, also save the information about you at the same time rise. What information did search engine save? The concealed compounding that involves oneself?

If somebody tells you, your a lot of individual privacy, the medical treatment record that is like awkwardness making a person, you are returned in the girlfriend when longing for your high school these facts maintain presence in a tremendous database, do not know you to you can be done why impressions? In fact, such database exists to want you to once had searched the content with these close illicit in engine of a certain search only really, there is a record in the metropolis in this database.

No matter be the Live Search of Google, Yahoo or Microsoft, when you use them to undertake searching, besides the date that completes inquiry below the record in the database and time, still meet the only number of the Cookie that gets on the IP address of your computer, your computer (unless you deleted it) record amid. Consequently, a certain computer gives out search engine to be able to know to search a request some, although be after join change, search engine to still still can be accomplished.

The specific type that the Live Search of Microsoft still can record a search (be like, it is search of picture, Internet or this locality search) , and Google besides, the browser type that still can withhold the computer that issues a request and use language. If clicked Google to search the link in result page, the IP address of this computer that link and clicks this can be recorded along with all the others come down.

Google announces recently, its preparation records the search before those 18 months medium IP address and the Cookie record related to search request are deleted, let search a log to make faceless record, but Microsoft and Yahoo had not announced relevant measure, AOL states it can preserve the search record of less than of a month only.

Accordingly, the computer IP address that if somebody lets company of engine of a search offer,ever had searched certain content and Cookie are worth, contrary perhaps, appoint an IP address or Cookie value, company of engine of all alone letting search is offerred use this IP address or all inquiry that the user that Cookie is worth once had, searching engine company is completely OK do get.