Practical: SEO novice needs the 8 SEO skill that goes mastering

Core clew: SEO dish bird needs control basic SEO skill.


Ensure your website navigation is the formal link with Html please. There should be extensive interconnection between all pages, if cannot come true this, can consider to build map of a website.

Home page

The home page of the website (Home or Index page) the form that should introduce text version, is not Flash wait. Your target key word or target phrase should be included inside this text.


Title this is caption label, the face ought to include your most important target keyword here.

Meta Tags

Description Tag(describes tag) with label of keyword of Keyword Tag () the target key word that should contain you or target phrase, but do not repeat.

Alt Tags

The fundamental picture on the website, be like: Logo, photograph, navigation picture, want to add simple description.

Keyword text

In your site, should a few include the page of density of very tall key word. But this method has not used a head, can be regarded as to be by search engine otherwise cogged and be just the opposite to what one wished.

Refer to search engine

Do not use software please or refer a service automatically. Actually, not was necessary the network address that to thousand the search engine of about a hundred refers you. Engine of 5 big main searches and catalog are taking the search flow of 90% . The network address that manual alls alone to those a few familiar search engine refers you is enough, that cannot spend a few minutes of your time.

Friendship link

Undertake with website of person of the same trade friendship is linked, relevant, PR is worth content taller than oneself site is best. Must not join link farm (Link Form) , can let you be sealed by search engine in that way.