PR was updated but what can represent

Today in October 27 come to a company, one big early be being heard is to shouting everywhere my PR3, my PR5 wait. . . . . . Conveniently checked a few domain names that I register a few days ago, for instance my this QQ head portrait is PR2 among them a Baidu still is confiscated, (Though PR and Baidu do not have a relation) PR was updated greatly last night, be like last is in July 26 what the left and right sides writes down is not quite clear. But the station that lets me suddenly think of a problem is to have PR everywhere, but what can PR represent again

A lot of people think, a webpage had PR, had everything, especially the friends that those go to be being exchanged with the person, see the other side have PR first namely, no matter what plays of meaning go to oneself in add, it is OK to should have PR only, the quality of family webpage cares far from, this is serious mistake! At least I go exchanging a link with the family, I am not to see the other side have PR above all, am I what to the other side is see above all? Does the website correspondence that follows me close? The webpage quality of the other side whether very tall? Judge the quality discretion of a website, read the content of his website, with the theme very accord with, and a lot of articles are the hand that gives his to be achieved formerly.

I feel this is very important. Do not see PR be worth solely, what always have PR value than doing not have of course is good, if a website built a year many, without PR value of 1 minute, this website itself has a problem.

Cite a case: Before me paragraph time just built a new station. A person of the same trade looks for me to become a link on QQ today, ask I have PR value above all, I say me. My PR value is 0, next, he says, do not do, went. Passed a little while again, that person came again, say to want to become friendship link with me, I say, all right, I visit your station. Later, I visited the site of the other side. Be right! PR is worth 3 minutes, build a station to estimate long. I checked the Whois of the domain name later, built a station 2003, should calculate very long, have PR3 it is not strange also that I think, later, I saw the friendship link below the other side, 50 many, and of what industry have, what illicit is taken, what gets 5 QQ.

Have, read the article of his website again, although a lot of, but I am informal caption of one search article, on the net one big, copy, hardly a thing that oneself start formerly, I rejected him at that time. Do not do! Do not do stoutly. At least, I won’t excessive catenary mark of a few PR is high and with him theme not the website of conform to comes catenary! Unless my website is returned,was not collected. Ha. . . .

What want to say only is what PR cannot represent, perhaps be a symbolistic number only, PR is tall also be no longer symbolize outstandingly. If be the station of tall PR everywhere, I think you also won’t go after tall PR to regard as again the target that you become a station, cite a case I sell a link in ADMIN5 before, PR2 is very popular though the price is not high,want to rare person, but now of PR3 nobody make inquires. Why? Because present PR3 has not reflected the value that gives it, be just like you a month can earn itself 10 thousand, but your month can be earned now 100 thousand, apparently your capital went up 10 times it seems that what did your value promote much, but if all explicit elements for instance prices what completely if also rise in price with this probability, (Actual cogency is decided won’t such, just make an example) oneself social status that I do not know to whether you still can become aware in those days rose a lot of. Feeling and domestic PR is updated generally now gutty be like ever likeness is flavour.

A single page of my friend now PR5, just put inferior hand in. Whats had never collected Baidu, admit even him himself to this is station of a rubbish only even, what cannot tall PR represent, do not breathe out with content Bei with content happy event! (