PR is OK " prefabricate " do not believe PR

Why is stationmaster fond of PR?

1, of website value reflect.

2, exterior link amount at quality indicative.

3, the website has outer part.

4, can sell a link.

Why don’t I admit PR?

1, PR is OK prefabricate.

2, PR does not represent website weight.

3, the website with tall PR is not outstanding website certainly.

If you notice a few websites, with respect to meeting discovery, a lot of sites are in PR is very tall, retrorse link is very strange. This is the PR of artificial type.

If your anatomize, with respect to meeting discovery, the website of a PR7, how may the retrorse link in Google be 0? Same, yahoo likes the retrorse link of collect website all along, why be just less than 4000?

Fortunately Sougou gives us the evidence that leave, if you have enough patience, what to discover?

The friend raises such question: His friendship link PR is taller

Right, but the order that I think he exchanges friendship to link however should be: The link outside accumulation raises PR to exchange friendship link

Such should a bit more reasonable, although PR7, the rank in Baidu and Google is not ideal also.

Did you have new view to PR now?

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