Portal of administrator of Live Search website and SEO tool will be rolled out

There is a group in Microsoft Redmond, a series of tools that founding next generation to be aimed at SEO expert and website administrator hard, content and resource, for instance: New open Link: Search operator.

Original these tools will support the following function:

Repair kit, index in order to ensure grab of MSN Bot effective land is mixed website

Sitemap founds tool and Ping tool

Site statistic (can you be Gatineau? )

Refer the unity of resource

New content and community resource

They express to will roll out these tools in Qiu Mo, had begun the test of a few little scope at present. If you have fun at,attend a test, can send mail to apply for to Lswmp@microsoft.com.

LiveSino offers sketch, liveSide Chinese edition, it is the site that an independence safeguards by many Microsoft Windows Live MvpS at LiveSide.net () project, provide pertinent information of Microsoft Windows Live, product, service introduction.