Platitude: How does Gu Ge treat Seo to optimize after all

Core clew: The topic about Seo is platitude, saw an abroad Seoer is right accidentally today the comment article of guideline of Google government Seo, interpreter of specially show oneself up comes over to share.

Last month, the official Seo guideline that Google issued 1.1 edition (Chinese edition) . The PDF of this 22 pages included the optimal Seo that applies to Google to fulfil strategy in documentation. Although when portion guideline is released at first, this got many attention, but appear it seems that a lot of people did not join detailed well among them knack.

The issuance that leaves guideline of Google government Seo now already a many month, I think is time comes the news that labor covers in the PDF documentation of this next 22 pages. Because it is honest too long, I decide cent piece release.

Idle Yan Shaoxu, will let us enter the subject of guideline of novice of Google government Seo.

Everything should be a center with user experience. If you are the information that scanned this next manuals hastily only, you should discover Google not hard the footing about this topic is: Seo should return to user experience finally. Yes, user experience, we often hear this word, but be afraid without how many person true correct principle is solved why Google applies to user experience all things.

The account that Google holds regnant position in search market is the search result that people likes Google to offer, for instance, a recent research shows, page of Google search result is the 3rd big the most authentic online news source. If Google makes people satisfied to their search result no longer, bring about the word that very poor user learns namely, so people nature can turn to other to search engine, also mean people to visit Google no longer, of course, also won’t click Adwords advertisement again. Accordingly, without giving thought to you whether a few policy that the name that approve of Google learns with raising an user implements, inside the period that can foreknow, you can trust these is based on to be helpful for the policy that the user learns.

What should caption include: In Title label, you should fill online station or the name of the company, the keyword that depicts a sex and situation (the word) of the company that if be,has hypostatic business place. Google suggests each page ought to have an alone Title ticket, they also realise this is impossible to be accomplished completely, but, if use,resemble WordPress such CMS, plug-in unit of All In One Seo Pack is met very realize this function conveniently.

Meta Description is more important than Meta Keywords: Google did not mention Meta Keywords label in this guideline, but the importance that they emphasized Meta Description label. Google mentions the keyword accumulation that should prevent whole website inside Meta Description designedly. Google also is mentioned, if you care about Meta Description, the content that can use tool of Google website manager analyses a function.

Url structure is very important: Collect your website better to help Google, this documentation also points out good Url structure can make an user easier browse with catenary the website to you. When plan when you or modifying your Url structure, try to use a few relevant keywords (but do not want) of too sedulous pursuit, avoid run-of-mill name (for instance Page1.html) , establish structure of a catalog, restrict the total length of Url, use 301 heavy directional avoid to standardize a problem.

If you use WordPress to serve as your CMS, you are establishing nicer permanent link in the begining not only, also can use permanent link the existent Url structure that migratory plug-in unit will come to assure you gets correctly updating.