Plan of keyword of car acoustics website and think

The destination that keyword overall situation plots:

1, the website that construction provides efficiency more;

2, search engine optimizes direction to make clear;

3, sufficient understanding market and competitive circumstance;

4, be helpful for making change target and contest price budget;

Situation of car acoustics trade:

1, the brand market of product of homebred car acoustics is had rate by 2005 of the beginning of the year 10% the left and right sides rises quickly 35% present, domestic car sound is at present own the brand already exceeded 3 to become;

2, truckload company profit is shown drop to bring pressure and opportunity to car sound line of business. Of whole automobile industry depreciate storm sweeps across the whole nation, car acoustics industry begins to bear car whole supplies catenary to transfer the pressure that come over, also brought more good luck and challenge at the same time;

3, market of Chinese car acoustics goes situation: Increase rate potential of fast, market is great. Begin to be transferred to Chinese market as upsurge of global car buying and selling, the market potential of Chinese car acoustics is very great also. 2005, product of Chinese car acoustics sells amount to be controlled in 5 billion yuan about, grow 20% compared to the same period;

4, chinese car acoustics is retail market potential is very great, there will be rapidder development this year. Scale of the outfit after market of foreign car acoustics achieves 70% above, and China has 10% to control only, abroad makes acoustics of much larger car produce market of the costume after business takes seriously very much;

5, market of OEM of Chinese car acoustics is spent centrally very tall, it is more difficult that other trademark is entered; At present Shenzhen boat is filled, the company of a few big production such as treasure of day of riverside of Xi Menzi VDO, flying benefit, Jiangsu is in domestic car former plant of market of form a complete set have rate achieve 3/4 above. Among them the market in the before 20 car plant inside Shenzhen boat Cheng Zaiguo is enclothed rate achieve 100% .

Car sound business begins the reflection of network sale:

1, like be the same as vast enterprise, company image is revealed, promotion of brand conduct propaganda, product is the fundamental important or urgent business that car sound business develops network sale;

2, the ultimate goal of network sale remains sale, combine the current situation of industry of Chinese car acoustics, look for the fixed position of accurate enterprise oneself and start, let network sale keep consistent with strategy of enterprise whole sale;

3, network advertisement is eyeball contention battle, searching engine sale is client contention battle; Plan of keyword overall situation does good search to car sound business engine sale is very crucial;

4, the cause client group of car sound business is main by before costume market client group with hind costume market client group composition—-Market client is installed before group the heavy head that is market of current car acoustics, but the key that the individual thinks this is not network sale, because before the development that holds the market is giant and systematic project, it is far insufficient that sheet relies on network sale; Market client is installed after group what basically face is company of car dress service and terminal consumer, space of development of market of the costume after home is very at present large, they ought to be car sound business begins the cause client with network the mainest sale group;

5, low to relying on abroad of price advantage main attack end the car acoustics of the market (horn) manufacturing company, network sale will be the powerful weapon of overseas promotion;

Keyword choice and extend program:

1, keyword choice:

Core keyword: Car acoustics

A kind of keyword: Brand / lead plane of amplifier of series name, power, loudhailer, acoustics, CAR AV

2 kinds of keywords: Sound of image of company name, car, Klaxon, Car Mp3, Car Mp4, Car Dvd

2, the point explains:

Core keyword should popularize all pages, increase according to page content show frequency second; A kind of keyword should enclothe a product to classify list mainly, reveal and other product is relevant page; Of the outspread content that 2 kinds of keywords basically use at car acoustics website enclothe, for example text of sound of data of article of graph of acoustics of car acoustics information, car, car is interactive wait for column or content; Its are Chinese and English the English edition that keyword key covers a website or English content show a page;

3, the individual thinks to discuss the relation meaning between webpage new function and target keyword is not very big, and have a few only keyword creed. Website of car sound business should make clear limits of the classified grade of oneself keyword and application only, try to apply can, in the actual unit process of cargo bandling of network sale and website operation, ought to put main energy in the dialog with caller to mix change above;

4, the long end effect that the keyword chooses, most circumstance is a natural choice, the individual thinks need not sedulous and for it. To website of business of sound of a car, a kind of the core keyword above intention general, keyword and 2 kinds of keywords are used sufficient had used, had notted allow easy.

Pay cost to search advertisement draft resolution:

1, put in an object to go up, price of contest of Google Adwords, Yahoo, Baidu contest price is ranked, cannot little, this 3 person add up held the share of market of search engine sale of near 90% ;

2, in the keyword put in above, not be a simple thing in fact, some moment all alone than search engine is optimized even (SEO) still have knowledge. A lot of enterprises had made contest price, had brought a few discharge, but final however effect of it doesn’t matter, stop to make contest price—-There are a lot of reasons in the center, having among them is valence account does not safeguard contest to reach the designated position. In general, in front place is enumerated 3 kinds of keywords ought to put in, and OK still farther fractionize, acoustics of car of sea of exemple as above, car acoustics. To the keyword of distinct category, the form that adopts series and crucial phrase tries combination and evaluate, undertake accepting or reject dynamicly to the keyword that put in—-Staff of these contest value service that need major will assist safeguard;

3, the near future has a part to search a manufacturer to be in carry out gold account standard, its intention depends on those who increase account of client contest price maintaining strength, in order to help the result that contest price client improves contest price to popularize. The standard of gold account is business of manufacturer union service in serving a process for a long time, be analysed through many data statistic and must come out, begin search contest price to have very great direct sense to the enterprise;

4, the mainstream product that advertisement of search paying fee is market of current network sale, it is as a hope above network sale somewhat the car sound business that behead wins, selecting product of search paying fee will be important one step. The characteristic of contest price product depends on continual contest value customer service, be versed in through the person to going up word amount, series and group are opened, show time / area control, land page (Landing Page) choose and optimize, analysis of contest price report undertake maintenance the work, in order to achieve result of advertisement of first-rate contest price. The Shanghai that the author is in at top speed the company is the business of network sale service with famous industry, also be the accredit agent of Google, Yahoo, have the honor to win the title of optimal agent of 2006 year Google, have the group of expert of industry customer service of more than 60 people, it is the business of service of advertisement of search paying fee that deserves reliance.

The overall situation of the keyword is engineered, this is a first-rate proposition. The hope can be the same as everybody the expert is great undertake communicate and be discussinged. Insufficient place, please each point out mistakes so that they can be corrected. (head hair: Network sale manual)