Picture station wants flow is high optimize website page structure above all

Since search the resource with engine perfect neither one to identify a photograph, so we are about to help search engine identify, according to our experimental experience, summary gives a few proposal below, consult for everybody discuss.

One ALT label

The picture must add ALT label, ALT label is taking very important place in picture search, what you do is what picture, this ALT label is about to have this character, liu Dehua’s picture, be about to tell to search engine, I am not Zhou Jielun.

2 photographs caption

The Title title in be being optimized at this o’clock with the webpage is same, it is the picture of a what content, take the title of a conform to to this piece of picture.

3 pictures format

Current, in searching engine picture warehouse, the file format of most picture is JPG, JPEG, JIF, with JPG, JPEG, GIF is suffixal will complete a picture.

4 pictures character introduces

Discharge the picture in front, basic it is a column introduction about this piece of picture, in order to tell search index props up the importance of this picture.

5 exterior links

The website optimizes need exterior link, same, the Seo of the picture is optimized also is to need exterior link, the link is the most fundamental base of the network from beginning to end, ability meets the most outstanding picture to spread on the network, search engine analyses the exterior link of this piece of picture namely, will judge this piece of picture thereby is welcome.

Current, the everybody inside SEO industry basically stares at eye in Baidu, GOOLGE, on the YAHOO webpage search that searchs engine greatly each, what optimize a research to the search of other product is very little, baidu is searched besides the webpage in numerous product, MP3 search, picture search is collecting tremendous person vital energy likewise.

Do the search engine that the picture searchs to optimize in the light of Baidu however, not be an easy thing, its unlike webpage searchs engine to optimize so easy research. Main reason, search engine at present and cannot very good identifying gives picture information, picture unlike character in that way, search index props up the identifying of pair of character content, the written language that can adopt oneself identifies a system, come differentiate goes out, even if is to search the information that come out to have deviation, but also too won’t unusual. But the compositive information of the picture is binary machine code, even if like GOOGLE such search index is propped up, also return cannot very good identifying which pieces of picture just is the most fundamental picture. So, more hopes explore and we study further. (Diyfzl.cn)