Phenomenal analysis: Gu Ge capture points to some domain name to be linked first times

If have a certain page among them many links point to a domain name, google can index one is linked only, most what discover this first is Michael Van DeMar, this got very wide attention. But David discovered a few problems in his research (from his research below a few circumstances begin, these are like is Yahoo 10 what happen before New Year is same. ) as a result of these problems, again professional personage did a few tests, these included afore-mentioned alluding a few issues in the test.

For test and verify this is academic, seo360 selected two sites, among them A site links B site through two different anchorage text version, key word sentence appears on site A only, cannot find absolutely on site B. If B site is obtained any if ranking, because come from the link text of A site,be completely.

Process of whole test and verify is as follows:

1.According to above narrates means installs whole site and await Google to index, after the link is collected, of two sentences that examine B site rank: Site B was collected the first sentence, but the 2nd is done not have however, the caption that be as follows this circumstance.

2. The position that links B site tries to exchange, before the keyword that the 2nd is in in A page platoon before is put now positional first that above. Wait to Google will record such change and check the place of the keyword on B page. Result: The 2nd keyword of page B did not appear in SERP record, and what SERP records is the first position (before for the 2nd) keyword.

3.Change this kind of circumstance again return initiative condition. Change the position of two keywords to go back and await be indexed and reexamination ranks a result. The first keyword that page B appeared to begin again, and initiative the 2nd keyword also disappeared show.

So, the test and verify with this data of above and very good circumstance the view of Michael and Rand. A fact is SERP will answer this kind of change according to the order of the link.

But, the another problem that think of is, whether to place the first keyword to will bring about Google to although its code is put in a smaller position,collect the 2nd link. Be based on this kind of idea above, seo360 also did a test, the result is absorbing. Because of,Google is done not have head had changed at the back of the link, and the index way that changes it.

Although I was changed the first, 2 links (the condition) that the link does not have after maintaining the first link, google also is same just collected the first place to link.

There is other at the back of chief link can not let Google oversight the 2nd link, besides this, more interesting is Google or meeting type a link, although the whats after this link are done not have, likelihood this and head the link is a page use a keyword exclusively in the center to serve as anchorage text to matter.

About a few settings before this experiment, the keyword that I use is belonged to the sort of jumbly model, they have certain sense it seems that but not be a kind when often use. The first keyword has result of 40 Google SERPS, the 2nd has 270 many results. Google should collect every change these changing to want to spend the two time to 3 weeks, that is to say needs so long time every as a result. (