Personnel of Seo item front writes code to enter SEO related Css

The value of SEO will be more and more fundamental, it has infiltrated the area of layer upon layer area of the website, a healthy and active website can make search engine very friendly. Will talk about the SEO item when writing code about front personnel below, of course I am not SEOER, the following opinion on public affairs is so pure belong to an individual to experience, still treat a customer please you show point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.

One, structure

Good structure searchs engine place favour, code structure is distinct, logic is clear. Also meet when the spider is creeping very smoothly. This may be every search index props up what want. Conceive whole position first before writing a page normally, choose a kind of appropriate format to keep a structure again, act on as far as possible the in principle of little nest layer undertakes. Will describe a webpage with the most concise code, believe to oneself also are one kind rises ceaselessly.

2, label

The label that semantics changes also is a kind of good convention. Figure out the proper place that every label should appear. For instance the importance of H1, but because it is important,cannot use with respect to insanity, perhaps you are innocently, but search engine thinks you are in probably cogged. Those who carry page tag is neat change with semantics, make reptile can good read code.

3, Css names regulation

The names regular meeting to make search engine fast identifying that the individual feels good understands paragraph of code.

4, W3C test and verify

This appears somebody can not agree with the likelihood. Because although be illogical,cross W3C test and verify, website also as before very friendly, collect very good. But I want to say, unite standard and normative authoritative orgnaization as webpage bound, affirmative also meeting takes test and verify seriously to serve more and more on the search engine assessment to webpage quality. I want to remind everybody here a bit, use Style less in using a page as far as possible, the place that needs to write a style should be written in modal watch.

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