Perpendicular search: Realize the optimal way of latent capacity of additionally 95 %

Industry ever had a such tests. Concentration of island of class of contest of the airline ticket with Guangzhou arrives the cheapest from Shanghai inside this the hotel that inputs Beijing to leave a railway station the closest respectively inside search column, week, summer vacation swims 5 days wait for content, can get countless webpages, still cannot find accurate solution truly. This is the phenomenon that scientists often allude: People the problem about the search, be afraid solved 5 % only. Particularly right the travel information search that has product sex, more such.

" even the line " Yaohanbateli is in magazine author its composing " search " in to perfect search guess involved a few kinds likelihood, include natural language search, perpendicular search to wait among them. At this late hour, natural language search still does not have substantial breakthrough, and perpendicular search has been broken through ceaselessly however. From look at present, perpendicular search is the optimal way that realizes potential of additionally 95 % .

The field is searched in travel, had gotten a proof. A few days ago, where does country’s biggest travel search engine go to ( announce indulgence search is rolled out, in the light of go vacationing product, offer accurate search. The two fist tool that rolls out before together with Qunar, be travelled a group of things with common features the airline ticket search that uses extensively and hotel search, the search of Qunar covered the business of 3 big core of travel field: Airline ticket, hotel, go vacationing product.

Every time search, it is the alternant process with the user, in order to make sure the user gets exact search content, is not invalid webpage. If demand is: Guangzhou’s cheapest airline ticket arrives from Shanghai inside this week. So, this week chooses inside time, circuit chooses Shanghai to go to Guangzhou, the price selects on sort by low to tall, those who get is real time airline ticket price and can order a website. Be needed with earning be be identical. What this kind of be identical decided information is accurate, decided those who trade is efficient.

If demand is: Summer vacation surpasses class island concentration 5 days to swim, just input class of a place of strategic importance in reaching a city, can find each district to set out namely those who head for class of a place of strategic importance go vacationing product. Day number also is tagged awesomely.

The ultimate goal of the search, it is the question that understanding user raises. In travel field, qunar has stridden the most crucial one step.

This kind of means, flying development was obtained in 1 year of in the past. Discharge of Qunar website month is added fast more than 50 % , at present discharge has exceeded 5 million.

Chen Chao represents the president bank that Qunar travel searchs: Have the user of the search, hope oneself intent is understood. Travelling at least respect, our travel search has been been close to most hereat. Current, we basically devote oneself to the search of core travel product, airline ticket, hotel, go vacationing, it is the mainest source of discharge.

The problem that the 95 % potential that mentions in the light of industry place remains to develop, he laughs at character, in the user that fails to search appropriate travel product beyond 5 % , the accurate search that can try us completely to offer serves, this is completely different pattern. Of coincidence is, undertake searching according to accurate demand, in our investigation, the user that has 95 % really chose first attempt travel to search.