Perhaps you did not notice a few trends that search engine optimizes

1.Reduce a link the proportion in the rank

Because excessive sends a link to make the commonly used instrument of black hat SEO; To prevent the bad influence that this kind of behavior brings; The decision reduces a link to be in rank medium proportion and execute to the site filtering is to ban even wait for castigatory measure! The expert points out this kind of practice is not absolutely; is not the pure effectiveness that reduces all links; Differentiated the link however many class; The website that trusts to those is worth will as always give support; The link that they provide will not be affected!

2.The website cannot open be the rank that how affects you

All people know the website does not attend a meeting the site rank that affects you; But they are of the rank that how affects you; SEO thinks this included two bodies to search engine to cannot visit website and user in capture process the page that those cannot open after undertaking searching through searching engine; Engine of our conjecture search uses A of an occurrence behavior to answer the frequency that the A of fractional * behavior of subtract appears + appear to answer for B all right the frequency that the B of fractional * behavior of subtract appears + . . . The total cent according to the subtract inside this cycle delimits to the site the cent level rank to the site undertakes adjustment finally.

3.Google brings into frequency information rank statistic type

All the time since Google brings into the file of various form on Internet him to rank a system in; These file forms include Pdf, Xls, Doc, Txt, Ppt, Swf. Google will bring into a field of new Google of information of file form frequency to state they think frequency information is a kind of very significant information sort again now. Various recording will be made collect by Google and add prospective frequency inquiry to arrive in the tool; At present main source includes these canned broadcast and TV!

4.Link construction and commonweal

Google spokesman stated they discovered the future that links construction through watching commonweal action a few days ago! They point out through will linking construction and commonweal the activity undertakes comparing is opposite. prospective link will be had the following 3 features!

(1) did not have nothing to do the mutual link of the website

(2) won’t mutual link is inscribed to rise if having nothing to do inside the website

(3) the action that the mutual link of the many sites of unified server brings will disappear danger