Perfect intranet stands to optimize finally: Search engine optimizes regulation

Core clew: Searching engine is way of optimal website promotion, all alone your website engine undertakes optimizing in the light of search, make more the standard that accords with search engine to recommend, can raise you to search medium rank in nature significantly.

The last measure of perfect enterprise website is to let more people find you. Our SEO regulation includes:

The each page in the website should have the title that matchs with this page content photograph, description, keyword

The each page in your website should include Title, description, keywords3 META TAG, their cost should match with the content photograph of this page, especially Keywords, they must appear in the more significant position of this page content, and the density that keeps certain, the option of the keyword is very important, above all the content that they want to accord with you, next, they should be thought of easily and not be too popular, too popular keyword often has large quantities of the website is competing, your website wins out very hard from which.

Paginal keyword must appear in page content, and have certain density

Do not be in in Keywords META TAG in content of enumerate your page nonexistent vocabulary, the page content that the keyword must reflect you and have certain density, that is to say, the vocabulary that has appeared only in content should not become keyword person selected.

The keyword should appear in the key position of the page, be like page forehead, the keyword had better use STRONG, h1, h2. The label such as.H6 is decorated

You ought to use the vocabulary that you oneself take seriously to be a keyword, the vocabulary that you take seriously in content ought to be added thick, or appear in Hi, in the label such as H2, such not only your user can take seriously, search engine to also be met.

Index of the search inside the hope props up collected page, must use static address

A few dynamic pages often need to use the inquiry string in URL to deliver parameter, output content with trends, to such page, search engine often does not grant to collect, so, the page that any wanting that refer search to all alone engine is collected must use static address, you can use URL Rewrite technology to turn dynamic address for the static state.

Do not use jump automatically revolving door page, do not use META Refresh label

Jump automatically revolving door page (Doorway Pages) is a kind of cogged method that will be punished by engine of a lot of searches, its home page enumerate in the website the content that had optimizing to searching engine in great quantities, these content face search engine, and to true caller, use page jumps automatically turn technology, take visitor the page with true website. Present search engine is OK easily this intrigue gives get behind severe penalty, so cogged method of this kind of SEO should be not used absolutely, in the meantime, you ought to avoid to lest be thought by search engine you were used by accident,use META Refresh label jump automatically technology of revolving door page.

Do not use camouflage page to cheat search engine

Camouflage page (Cloaking) is before output page content, what the visit comes before be being analysed above all is true caller or the robot that search engine, if be a robot, be aimed at the content that search engine optimizes technically with respect to output, if be true caller, output true content, gimmick of this kind of deceit will search the penalty with the most severe engine till all rank to clear you.

The website should include the site map that one accords with standard or other search engine approves a standard

Current, google, yahoo, the search engine such as Ask supports the site map of a variety of formats, use search engine approbates the site map of the format, robot of help search engine your site raises effectively capture thereby you are behaved in searching engine. Sitemap is file of a XML, all need in listing your site refer the address of the page that searchs engine, and their important rate, update cycle. You can arrive obtain detailed Sitemap agreement, perhaps use Sitemap online the Sitemap that generates a tool to help you build him site.

Update a website regularly, engine of all alone letting search comes round to collect your content regularly

If you never update your content, search engine can lose interest to you slowly, in fact, the user also is met.

A few sites with you should be included to match in your content, outstanding, to the link of other website

Search engine can be you to add cent appropriately, becoming them to think you are linked is very outstanding resource, and when these resource and your content is close together and relevant. The user that provides a few outstanding exterior links to also help you for your content gets more resource.