Perfect 3 respects to let Gu Ge become faster to the index of the website

Google is not synchronous to the index of each sites, site A added the possibility a new page, and B is done not have, likelihood A indexes above all with respect to Google. Why to meet such? We will show an account and make to this bit your site becomes that A to stand here.

Explain above all below why the Google index to some sites wants than other site fast, if a site increases new page to jump over fast word, so index more easily than Google, namely the frequency that new page increases. If your site is,everyday new content adds incoming word, new page is in update ceaselessly, google arrives with collecting with respect to the can ceaseless page that will check you the content with new more, if a month just may be updated, google won’t patronize your site, because be recorded according to it, this site of spider the accused is newer without content. Want to be updated in time so, and should make sure your site has novel thing ceaselessly. The XML that if you pass Google net to be in charge of account to come,adds map of a site is reliable, your index frequency the program that can see engine, at the same time this XML documentation also can have the effect of a few statistic of other.

The method with commonly used another passes more exterior links namely, for instance your site chain circle you adds such Google of such as Digg to visit the website with very tall frequency to go up, google can find your site through this link, also can deciding further is index your site, or farther likely active faster index your site.

Still have, ensure the new page of your site is the same as your site already indexed the page is linked, this bit is very important also, because Google is found,already indexed after the page, it also can find corresponding new page through this link. Do not add new page for SEO purpose merely definitely, additive page should be to make reader from which of benefit. If had not used XML site map, so begin to be made from this.