Pay the choose and buy that expends a link skill

Jump over Duolaiduo’s Seoer, the choice buys link paying fee, of the catenary outside coming to those who increase a website and keyword optimize. Half an year comes recently, I also bought not little link, number is similar more than 2000.

Optimize the rank that reachs key word to whether have effect to the website as to link paying fee, benevolence person see benevolence, do not add here discuss. The introduction is a few experience that I buy link paying fee in this half an year below, offer novice reference:

One, prevent cheat

Stationmaster this group, the good and bad are intermingled, cheater there are plenty of such people, main legerdemain has 3 kinds.

1.PR is hijacked, pass false PR kite, there are a lot of kinds to identify a method on the net, did not introduce one by one.

2. not sincere letter, after paying, remove next links.

Before trading with the other side, best person pork searchs the QQ name of the other side, gathering information reachs a domain name, look to trade undesirably.

3. is black the PR that come.

This kind of person is a hacker normally, if a tall PR, government, mechanism, newspaper selling the home gives a very low price, you are about discreet.

2, tall PR not likely is good, PR is low do not differ certainly. (Be optimized in the light of Baidu and character)

The catenary outside increasing, certain have to buys not likely tall PR, basically see the quality of the website, do not buy the sort of rubbish that makes to sell PR only to stand.

3, buy PR, want to have a look at ALEXA rank.

ALEXA is in the 1.5 million site beyond, do not recommend bought, most the station of this kind of website age do not pass one year, if of the website outside catenary is overmuch, more do not recommend.

4, the age that sees a domain name.

Had better buy domain name age to be in one year the website of above.

5, look illicit take, be not the link amount of law website.

Illicit take a link to be more than 5, if your dispute illicit takes kind of website, do not recommend buy, have more very person, on the website that has seen one sells the home, illicit the link that take 60 many

6, see those who search engine collect a circumstance.

By K do not buy, baidu SITE home page cannot find do not buy, collect be less than of 10 do not buy.

7, the newer time that sees snapshot of Baidu of website of the other side, the newer time of snapshot is unfavorable more than 3 days.

8, do not pursue cheap, if be of company station,optimize, buy tall PR as far as possible.

Promote oneself PR first. If PR is updated hind, your PR is achieved 4 or 5, you need not buy PR after.

Can a lot of people look for you actively to become a link, even you can carry move choosing to wear will do.

9, do not have a fat person readily

OneSecond sex increases a lot of links, lest be indexed prop up discovery by search, be punished. Cite a case, so your website PR1, think the word of promotion, I think to be able to press plan of such choose and buy to buy.

3 PR3, 2 PR4, a PR5, PR is normally newer, can promote PR3 above your website.

10, go where be being bought?

Can go in A mom, classification of occupation can be pressed over there, find your medium website, connect center directly. The website that wants you only does not pass case, not illegal, blame illicit is taken, be not pure rubbish station, believe what be impassable with money to do not have which stationmaster.

Thinkable has so much only, the business that links at present, home basically is centered in Chinaz forum, do not pass with respect to present market word, nice link is bad to search.