Patience and meticulous search index prop up optimized 6 foundations measure

SEO is not a few simple recipe or a few proposals, however one needs enough patience and painstaking mental work. Substantially, SEO includes 6 segment.

1, the keyword is analysed (also call a keyword fixed position)

This is the one link with undertake SEO the most important, keyword analysis includes: Keyword and analysis of keyword attention quantity, competitor analysis, website dependency analysis, keyword is decorated, keyword rank is forecasted.

2, website framework analysis

Website structure accords with the reptile be fond of that searchs engine to be helpful for SEO. Website framework analysis includes: Navigation of structure of catalog of shape of tree of bad design, implementation, website and link optimize eliminate website framework.

3, website catalog and page are optimized

SEO is more than it is to let website home page there is good rank in search engine, more important is to let every page of the website bring discharge.

4, content is released and the link is decorated

Search engine likes to website content of the rule is updated, so content of reasonable arrangement website releases one of fundamental skill that program is SEO. The link is decorated criterion whole website organic ground series connection rises, engine of all alone letting search understands the importance of every webpage and keyword, executive reference is the keyword of the a bitth is decorated. Friendship link battle also is this moment spreads out.

5, with the search engine speaks

In the search engine sees the effect of SEO, through Site: ?

6, website discharge analysis

Website discharge analysis coachs from SEO result next SEO is politic, at the same time the experience optimizes the user to the website to also have direct sense. Discharge analyses a tool, the proposal uses Google discharge analysis.

SEO is the process that these 6 link have circularly, undertake above ceaselessly only the site that 6 link ability assures to let you is searching engine to have good performance.