Page of search result of Google, Baidu is clicked allocate

7 years when in the search engine studies the domain appears of a piece of Google and Baidu click hot graph (as follows) , the provenance of the graph is sealed, but the remarkable distinction that can see Google and Baidu user action from inside the graph, the discharge distributive that also can see in these two search indexes the website is ranked in propping up probably circumstance.

The user of Google is clicked present apparent gold triangle, search the website of before user discharge guides home page is ranked basically 3, and the user of Baidu is clicked is more mixed and disorderly. This piece of graph once was used by a lot of SEO the importance that emphasizes keyword rank, especially what Google ranks theory of before certainly will 3 armour is important. But although this piece of graph gives out a SERP clicks heat general situation, cannot know the real point between different in 10 results of Google home page rank to attack scale from which however.

And be in 6 years, the scholars of university of health like this had undertaken Eye Tracking experiments, pass experiment participator people the searched inquiry to obtain a relatively true and reliable Google to search result page quite for many times user behavior analysis of use Google. Test result pursues as follows:

Can see from inside the graph, before Google is ranked 3 website almost billabong 80% what search discharge, and the first is to obtain the search flow that exceeds half the number more, the 2nd is clicked with what the 3rd place obtains criterion far under rank first website, before 3 click scale is probably 4: 1: 0.7. The 5th website obtains click the 4th (in standard browser interface, google searchs result page the first screen is to show 5 results, this one result is clicked with the 10th be more than the 9th to make clear together, head the attention that the last result gains screen is be more than penult) . The rank obtains the 7th times clicking is least, the reason may depend on an user next pulling is in in the process that browse the page arrives bottom, show 3 rank a website finally only at that time, the 7th is browsed to be used to an oversight. The website place that findings still shows to the 2nd page ranks page of Google search result the first times obtains click 40% what only home page ranks the 10th website.

Keyword rank is taken seriously by SEO place all the time, and obtaining SERP home page to rank is the biggest pursuit more. But can see as a result from this research, although website rank enters home page, what obtain click discharge or have very big difference. Want to go after good search flow so, before 3 armour are situation in must, and the first rank should be ultimate goal more, after all to the search of a 20 thousand discharge the keyword was hijacked the first times 10 thousand.

This survey of 6 years to doing SEO now talk has referenced value as before, although present Google searchs a result page and change not lesser than having at that time, for example added Sitelinks and the diversification that search a result, but to Chinese keyword search character, change or compare of page of Google search result little. And the keyword search amount that the reason that this survey result has referenced value only depends on this experiment place doing is limited and participate in experimenter to be a student basically, cannot represent Google user group completely, and Eye Tracking advance copy accomplishs accuracy very hard namely personally. Of course of page of Google search result click allocate and discharge allocates after all how, him Google is understanding, just reckon doing not have us is to did not have an opportunity to know.