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In the search engine is optimized reach return cogged industry, matt Cutts is extremely famous. Yesterday, matt Cutts with respect to Webmaster Central (website administrator center) of future alter, issued a daily record technically, the test that is aimed at broad stationmaster and SEOer as will show its idea and proposal. Already had up to now those who exceed 1000 for many times is voting comment on with many 140.

What Should The Webmaster Central Team Do Next? How should team of website administrator center do?

Voting option has:

More Information About Penalties Or Other Scoring Issues is more about punish or notching otherly problem (PR)

Tools For Detecting Or Reporting Duplicate Content detects the content of tool or report repeats

Show Links On Your Site That Are Broken demonstrates the link that your website severs

Show PageRank Numbers Instead Of None/low/medium/high indicates the numerical value of PageRank: Without / low / in / tall

Score The Crawlability Or Accessibility Of Pages (search spider) can crawl or can get a page to notch

Tool To Help Move From One Domain To A New Domain moves from a domain name the help tool of a new domain name

Tell Google The Correct Country Or Language For A Site tells Gu Ge the country with this right website or language

Page of Diagnostic Wizard For Common Site Problems is common the diagnostic guide of the problem

Some types of Some Type Of Rank Checking (keyword) rank inquiry

A Way To List Supplemental Result Pages a passageway lists technically the result page of additional data

Option To Disavow Backlinks From Or To A Site chooses to deny black link (perhaps call Spam, rubbish link, commonly used method of black hat SEO) come from or arrive at this page

Show Causes Of 404 Errors shows 404 errors (the site cannot be visited) reason

Fetch A Page As Googlebot To Verify Correct Behavior Googlebot (Google searchs a spider) capture page checks correct behavior at the same time

Tell Google A Parameter Doesnt Matter tells Google parameter nots matter

Show Pages That Dont Validate shows the page does not need test and verify

Ability To Show/download All Pages From A Site (e.g. If Your Server Crashed) can show from this site / download all pages (for example, if your server is become machine)

Integrate Add URL Feature is perfect increase Url this characteristic

More demonstrative documentation mix More Documentation And Examples example

Denounce treat of voting address: Webmaster Console Features?

Author: Hao Zi

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