Optimize website interior to link: Guide search engine capture effectively

The importance of in-house link did not say in detail. No matter if the visit is over,the user still searchs engine,the page discovered your content to be able to go without the link. It is very unscientific.

Is website interior link optimized what is there?

1. website navigation

It is important that website navigation has many me not gibberish, authority should be very clear, the key says to devise the note of website navigation:

(Link of 1) website navigation is the main line that search engine spider crawls downward, also be the bridge that makes sure each other is connected between website channel, suggest use character links; strongly

(2) must not use the means of built-in JS file to realize website navigation, the URL that if you use search to all alone engine spider imitate crawls the tool detects,crawl goes to, you can discover, the link in website navigation cannot see at all to search engine. Because we know search engine to Js file be turn a blind eye to.

(3) does not suggest to use what JS code comes true to fall likewise pull menu, if must if, should ensure the mouse delimits the least navigation area when navigation link is link of a text, and can click, in the meantime, the proposal increases a written language that includes all columns to link area to make up for; in webpage bottom

(4) if I think use picture regards website navigation as the link, that undertakes optimizing to the picture, the main keyword that points to a page with picture link regards ALT as content, match below the picture additionally link of a character serves as auxiliary.

(How is the literal link in 5) website navigation placed from UE it is to have certain cultured for angle, this perhaps says with the importance of website channel the characteristic of the website is concerned, it is to jump over important channel to place commonly in begin, of course, the classification that can make field of a sense organ to channel distinguishs with trying; from SEO angle for, the tentative idea of channel name is a complex process more, it needs us to do a meticulous understanding to undertake survey; to the main keyword of this channel to channel content

2. crumble navigation

Alleged crumble navigation is a basis crumble falls to come to what this means guiding comes out to find an outlet line to prevent inner ear to scatter in fairy tale.

Say simply, the meaning of crumble navigation informs what the user is in a website at present why to be planted truly in Yu Ming the position, respect user obtains ranking page quickly through this navigation, the design of this kind of navigation should be opened in current window.

Crumble navigation should be listed the user is located all ranking webpages of the page (logistic structure) name and link, attention: Here is literal link, if your channel name, classification name, child those who classify name design is enough good word, the page inside your meeting discovery is to pass the link that is anchorage text with the keyword to point to ranking page, again if have by tens of thousands the word of content page, can have by tens of thousands the page points to classified page or channel page for anchorage text with the keyword! ! !

Whether should the crumble navigation in content page list article caption? Whether should add the URL link when the page to article caption? I did not consider to whether have distinction from SEO angle, my individual thinks to had better not add URL, but the URL of ranking page must be added.