Optimize website interior reasonably to link

Empty link is tectonic inside reasonable website, can raise those who search engine to collect with website weight. Relative to exterior link, in-house link is very important also, seoer cherish predestined relationship is below a few proposals that optimize strategy to in-house link:

One, website navigation:

1, website navigation is the method that search engine spider pays close attention to above all, more beneficial the crawl that raises search engine spider.

2, what navigation menu does not use next pulling is line, affected the capture that searchs engine.

3, do not do navigation with Js file, the search cannot identify frame when engine spider is creeping, call etc, the search engine that has a few only at present can be solid not, for broad search, or need not Js file does navigation had better.

4, if be used for website beautification, is picture format or the menu navigation of Flash format, same this kind also does not facilitate spider capture, the proposal builds literal navigation to assist website navigation in webpage bottom.

2, the map of the website

Website map is the structure according to the website, frame, content, generated navigation webpage file.

Map main effect has two kinds:

1, help visit user finds the; such as corresponding column, classification, content clearly

2, the capture of spider of convenient search engine works, the depth of the link in searching a spider to be able to carry website map second crawl, the content with new capture, optimize at this o’clock to Seo especially important.

3, current position

Suggest every page sets current webpage position, be like home page " " advocate column " " cent column " " of content page line, increased user experience, return the crawl of beneficial spider, let a spider have will have toward.

4, recommend content and newest content

The classified page that recommends content and newest content proposal to put park column and each column page, good content is the key that attracts visitor, raise user changeover rate. Newest content is returned can the weight of old webpage of have the aid of, increase the weight of the collecting of new page and new page.

5, relevant content

Photograph inside Shanghaiguan is allowed even if according to the caption of home page, keyword classification is called come out relevant, similar content, this kind of relevant content, can raise the viscosity of the webpage, what still can increase a website is professional with authority.

6, the website is bottom

Means of website bottom link and it is likewise important to be the same as a ministry, bottom link places website column navigation, more facilitating page weight rises, promote a website weight, home page arrives classification, classify a column, the column arrives inside page, from A to Z, from advocate arrive fine, carry sth through to the end, more those who deepened a website is agglutinant.

Reasonable in-house link is optimized, from caller angle, increased user experience, will tell from website angle, promoted a website integral weight, raised whole to be ranked in what search engine.