Optimize the search do before building a station the net is built with optimize union

As the development of Internet industry, more and more enterprises realize the value of the website, the window that at the same time the website shows external as an enterprise also begins to get the attention of the user, want to look for what thing to get online to be searched, a few seconds are shown before oneself, so convenient so that a lot of people are not willing to going to what library,browse data, remember ROBIN also saying the word of this respect, the book reads rarely after saying he graduates, basically the knowledge that the thing that oneself need can get this respect on the net, ha, pull a bit far, return to the subject, so how we should be done as the business that develops those who be before informatization? This drew an interrogation to us undoubtedly.

Did so old network, be opposite from the enterprise the muddled of this respect, to the consciousness that has this side, arrive again take seriously, I have personal experience, just began to make website time, the enterprise should do this kind of animation, the sort of animation, the elephantine illustrated magazine or newspaper that whole website does, look Rao Yan, this kind of requirement is not much now, however still a lot of enterprises do not know to should expand his network sale, a lot of SEO experts think, the construction of the website should be united in wedlock with SEO, cannot blindly emphasize individual consciousness, the expert’s opinion is very principal, we should consider to search the consciousness of engine first, put the consciousness of our individual first, no matter you are industry employer, still be big company president, the family does not listen to you that one, it is very important that when Seo blends in a website actually, the effect that deciding a website to optimize is good with bad, below introduce carefully:

When entering a website to build an industry from us ceaseless bring into contact with this kind of case, the very long time after a website is built, controller discovery builds a website is not very big to the help of the enterprise, the reason is to do not have a person to visit, lost thereby in front a when say result that shows platform. The harm with can have certain to the website is optimized meticulously after the expert thinks in the website construction shapes again, especially large commercial website, program framework of whole, catalog, plan to wait to had shaped, alter very hard again. A lot of client talks with him when doing a website optimize, for be economical, tell me

Do not do now, waited for a website to finish, moving period of time is done again, such meetings are very troublesome, for example: After program and catalog finalize the design, method also decides at the same time, if going undertaking the static state is changed, the dynamic method previously can be in the invalidation in searching engine and other website to cite, cause cannot visit! The catalog of set is deciding the accident of article method, optimizing also need to pay price. Whether does the loss of occurrence so much still need to be in optimize a website, the proposal that we give a website controller is to must be optimized, after be being optimized only, the website just has bigger vivosphere, the rubbish that always goes up than making a network is close friends a lot of.

Give the Fosan industry friend that will build a website namely a proposal here, while the website is built the consideration looks for a connoisseur that knows whole station to optimize, help program and design build a website jointly. Can give out to be worth referenced opinion more very much, be like: The website builds early days to need to notice those affect optimized factor, how to build be helpful for searching engine to optimize, the keyword rank that is helpful for a website is waited a moment.