Optimize the rank in different country in the light of global cause client

The search that has mentioned the mainstream such as Google simply before to search engine is being changed in this locality as a result, in different country the search has different rank. Before two days a reader communicates a website to also ask this question in password of network sale actual combat, I replied simply with a word. Write a card to explain in detail a little again today.

Google often differs according to website itself and buy of user place v/arc be on the throne, and give different search the result. Word of a lot of searches contains brighter district sex, if France travels, chicago hotel. Also a lot of at first view do not have intense regional word also is to return this locality to turn a result more be helpful for an user experiencing. Search a restaurant for instance, bank, if I am searched in Singapore, the restaurant that wants to read Singapore this locality is below majority circumstance, bank, do not point to the United States, calculating me is search on Google.com.

This makes the website that is aimed at global cause client, need optimizes the rank in different country. Have below a few elements can affect the website rank in different country.

Lead plane situation

Website server is put in Singapore, mean this website larger possibility is the content about Singapore, perhaps be aimed at Singapore user. So when the user that comes from Singapore IP address is searched, this website is in more possibly to search by the row before the result. And lead plane is put in Europe, do not have this advantage possibly.

Domain name sort

The logic with lead plane situation is same, the domain name of local country means this website more in the light of native home. . Com.cn faces Chinese user, .com.sg faces Singapore, .co.uk faces England.

This is a lot of big companies want to raise a rank in different country when, what also often must use is politic. Register local domain name for different country, build different website.

Also can use child the website that the domain name becomes different state, the server is put inside target country.

This locality catalog is collected

There is a lot of to bright this locality changes the Huang Ye on the website catalog of characteristic and net on the net, in the local yellow page that collects the website to target user country as far as possible, where is the target user that searchs engine to be able to judge this website. This is a very strong signal.

Google Local reachs Google Maps

Him Google also has Google Local (this locality) reach Google Maps (map) function, allow a website to refer firm address. And data of this this locality is need user test and verify, refer a website to be able to pass test and verify of mobile phone short message in Singapore for instance, can call even test and verify.

The website that logs onto Google Local has intense district sex apparently.

The website contacts means

The connection address on the website, phone area size, zip code can be alled alone by search engine is collected, buy of v/arc be on the throne of place of facilitating judgement website and the user that face group. Of course, whole connection way, also be a when increase user degree of belief important way.

Exterior link

Want to rise in rank of a certain country, be about to search the website that comes from this country as far as possible exterior link. If your neighbour on the net is Singapore website, the possibility that you also are Singapore website wants nature tall.

The character reachs a spelling

To English website (still have other character possibly also) , different country has different lexical usage and spelling. For instance the full name of SEO flower beauty spelling is different, search Engine Optimization is American website apparently, and use Search Engine Optimisation is a British website probably. The word with such flower beauty different spelling still has in English very much.

And flower beauty is same a word that the thing uses and expressive law also often different, this conduces to search engine judging this locality feature of the website.

Company of a lot of China is patulous outside Xiang Hai now the market, when doing SEO of foreign language website, must consider search this locality is changed, rank optimized problem in the light of different country.