Optimize the design focal point that emphasizes a website from the fundamental proceed with of the website

The website optimizes a design is the fundamental direction proceed with from the website, emphasize the design focal point of the website, achieve the characteristic of ideal design website, sum up this to call a website to optimize a design, hou Qinglong summed up the place that needs an attention below, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody.

One, user experience

Will analyse from the angle of the user, size of colour demand, convenient navigation, webpage, will achieve user experience to rise.

2, frame structure

Search engine does not support frame structure and frame to call, frame searchs engine spider not easily to collect capture to work.

3, image is optimized

The picture search amount of target search engine is very large, do good picture to optimize be helpful for website picture sale, increase website flow.

4, friendship link

Friendship link is kind of mutual collaboration, raise the kind of discharge authority, friendship link should cooperate, conform to of cooperative website content, perhaps be industry authority website, just suit to link collaboration.

5, FLASH is optimized

The vision of FLASH animation can of figure reveal a website, but because it increased webpage volume, not only engine of not easy search is collected, and influence webpage downloads speed, want animation of rational application Flash so.

6, webpage address

The address of the webpage, advocate the domain name shoulds not be too long, too long bad to write down, the domain name is concise the habit that accords with compatriots more easily to get online, website domain name is the abbreviate of website theme, in address of website content webpage, local location also wants as far as possible concise, memory of too long multifarious and unfavorable user alls alone at search engine is collected, address of target trends webpage and static webpage address optimize methodological each has his strong point, according to the website practical function is used neatly.

7, website code

Might as well in website code join a few practical functions, if add the favorite, add subscription, print, duplicate, transmission, duplicate webpage content joins copyright statement automatically to wait.

8, webpage bulk

Webpage bulk can affect user behaviour directly, the proposal uses the structure of Div+Css, because can raise a website to download speed so, website bulk decreases, it is better to be helpful for improve website whole quality.

9, website lead plane

Website lead plane is the place that deposits website content, lead plane is not used free or public praise is not the space with very good very cheap price, when exchanging views because of a lot of spaces very good, when using very poor, the website opens career slow, affect the development of website future.

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