Optimize the company’s real crammer

Trade of search engine sale is diffusing on certain level a few crammer or misdirect. These misdirect are by a few so called searches engine optimizes an expert to make mostly those who come out. These experts are sciolistic, a few more recumbent accidental achievement, complete in order to slant complete, tell each websites alleged secret, claim to be able to realize a few miracles, contented people seeks fast desire. Little imagine, SEOthe process is just as take Chinese traditional medicine, be in again recuperation website, increase a website to be propped up to search index get used to ability, good result just can be achieved in order to achieve in the search after powerful body.

Pretty good, SEOthe effect is touch a stone and turn it into gold, but the method that it has science, technology and experience, and cannot treat as in the market butcher is small sell rely on low to sell in that way. If you are being searchedSEOservice business, a few more following typical fairy tale wants special attention.

1. Search engine present website to hundreds of

If who you listen to to say to should search engine present website to hundreds of, regard this word as rubbish. The search index of before the search discharge of great majority comes from 20 is propped up, these include Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Msn, AskStill have a few own a bit little search engine of each countries.

2. In the light ofGoogleOr Baidu is optimized

Search engine to optimize, it is optimal to what integral website has structure and page optimize, it is to face search engine overall, is not only rightGoogleOptimize, perhaps optimize to Baidu. Every search engine has him rank technology, but they have basic principle to the judge of the website. High quality, helpful to information searcher website, gotten rank is more than the better rank that is engine of a search.

3. Make sure home page is ranked, assure the first, invalid refund

Do not have a person to be able to assure this, unless yourself is search engine. Before although a search engine with masterly technology is optimized,the expert also can be revealed only his optimize achievement, and the rank of unwarrantable future.

Why? Unless you are unexpectedly valence rank, rely on money to break an interest number to rank, can have without the person so big hold.

4. Assure rapid rank, assure permanent rank

The rapid rank that searchs engine does not have a person to be able to assure. Can see a rank much more quickly, can obtain the first page much more quickly, this who also says to forbid, no matter he has experience more. The search that has experience optimizes division to be able to estimate a website to rank occurrence time limits probably, but it is the most accurate that this is afraid.

5. We andGoogle, Baidu relation is very good

If the service business that searchs sale tells you this word, do not want as far as possible to believe. To be engaged inGoogle, Baidu unexpectedly the service business that valence ranks, because they sell account of search engine advertising, mix necessarilyGoogle, baidu establishs good relationship. But, who because be brought with the search,also cannot prop up unexpectedly relationship of part of valence advertisement representative is good, with respect to the result that can try to affect natural rank.

6. Did unexpectedly valence advertisement, the meeting is helpful to natural rank

GoogleThose who say is very clear, GoogleAdvertisement is published to won’t rise to also won’t reduce a website to be in onGoogleThe rank that go up. Searching natural rank is the result that scientific essence calculates, advertisement cannot be affected, also won’t have any appreciative rank happens.

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