Optimize should grab from website construction

What kind of website is just helpful for optimizing? Just say to get superior website? Actually very simple, a good website should set out from the client’s angle above all. Be in for instance beautiful on, on the speed that browse, on economic value, ought to consider to perfect.

Very much website builds company place to build a website before home, be in beautiful angle consideration, and oversight a lot of, for instance the real experience of the user. Some websites a page is to use Flash to make entirely, above all this kind of website does not have pass a barrier from user angle consideration, open career slow, can be imagined to certainly many people abandoned it for this. Although content has been in, although the page is again beautiful. Also cannot take. The angle that in SEO search all alone engine optimizes will consider engine to understand Flash very hard, adding Flash to open time long, bigger to influence of promotion of website oneself rank.

Pursue cheap when the website that make, did not go looking for professional personage to build a station. Such a lot of websites, connecting content, picture sometimes search from other website, what one word does not pull is duplicate. This kind of website cannot consider its promotion sense more, make in the website above all in did not take it seriously, why to talk about promotion, gain again? Stem from the viewpoint problem of different businessman at this o’clock.

The website is optimized in the advantage of layout of CSS style, DIV.

Consider from optimized angle above all, code is concise, the scale of character and code wants big, engine capture content is more successful. From user angle consideration, without trival download code, the rate that browse is rapid. Still have a lot of advantages, main is introduce to everybody.